The Fun of Riding on Public Transports

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Helloooo everybody!
You miss me huh? Hehe
At last I got some time to update my dusty blog phew. 
Well todays topic is about.. *drum roll* 
Ha ha hambar. 

To be honest I never went riding on public transports by myself before. 
Yeah I rode them once or twice but with my friends or family members.
I always thought that it is impossible to go anywhere with public transport.
(How noob was that?! Haha)
But actually it is possible, and in fact public transportation makes life easier!

Currently I'm staying in Vista Komanwel, Bukit Jalil.
There's a Sri Petaling LRT Station behind IMU building. 
My friend named Sanaa told me that she went to Putrajaya to settle stuffs regarding JPA application.
Guess how she went there? 
By public transports!
I don't know if I'm the only one who's very amused and excited knowing that haha. 
No wonder there's a senior in IMU who asked me why I didn't go back home every weekends bcs it's very easy if you know how to. 

Last 2 weeks, I decided to go back home by public transports. 
Maybe I should provide a picture of the trains' routes. 


Haa easier for you guys to see when I explain. 
I live in Malacca and as there's no LRT station in Malacca I had to go back by bus. 
To get on bus, first of all I had to go to Bandar Tasik Selatan (look at the green line with the letter D).
So I went to Sri Petaling LRT Station ALONE (saja nak emphasise the word hehe), bought a token valued RM1, sat inside the LRT and walked out when the LRT stopped at Bandar Tasik Selatan (which is just 3 stations after Sri Petaling).
I was excited as it was my very first time! 
Fyi, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan which is also known as TBS (got buses to south region, KLIA transit etc) is in Bandar Tasik Selatan.
Then I went to the nearest counter I found and said "Melaka Sentral" (the way Audi taught me to buy a bus ticket). 

But unfortunately, that counter didn't sell tickets hmm it was actually an information counter hmmmmkay hahahaha I was really embarrassed by that time but hey everyone has their first experience right? Hehe.
I went to other counter and did the same thing. 
I bought a bus ticket valued RM 11 to Melaka Sentral and headed downstairs to the waiting area.
I greeted a lady who was sitting beside me and asked her if I was in the right place and she said yes. 
Kena buat muka tak malu tanya someone or else you may board the wrong bus.
Then when the bus arrived, I boarded the bus, found my place (according to the number stated on the ticket) and slept for about 1 hour zzzz. 

See? Simple right?
And the total travel cost for one-way from Bukit Jalil to Malacca is only RM12! 
Wayyyy cheaper than driving own car. 
You just have to follow the given route.
My friend also told me that if you wanna go somewhere but you don't know what kind of public transports are available there, you can use google maps to search for the place and the public transports as well. 

By the way, last week I went to my best friend's place @ UKM KL. 
I took the LRT from Sri Petaling to Titiwangsa.
From Titiwangsa, I went to Chow Kit by monorail.
Ahh as easy as ABC. 

Idk how bout you guys but I think riding on public transports is fun.
I could see different people of different races and religions, different face expressions, feel different auras.
Well, except if it's a routine maybe it will be quite boring (but it's better than being trapped in traffic jammed esp in KL). 
And most important thing it is cheap!
Try to be more independent and go somewhere by public transport.
At least you've tried once ;) 

Okay I better go first. 
Toodlesss and assalamualaikum!  


  1. I hope public transport in other places will get better tho. Btw great info!

    1. Yeah I really wish there would be lrt ktm etc in Malacca. Thanks! :)

  2. mmg la seronok kalau tak ramai, kalau mcm kat sg buloh arah ke KL nun, naik plak LRT @ KTm, pergh!!! berpeluh ketiak :P


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