Jan 2, 2016

My Study Week Routine (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

(Continue from Part 1)

2 days left before my final examination and the struggle is real! A day well spent yesterday, but let's not talk about it first as it's gonna be a loooonggg story.

This post is the continuation of the first post (My Study Week Routine Part 1) I wrote. I have a habit of studying either sitting in a really quiet place such as the library or listen to songs. Nothing in between. Time study pun ada je rasa nak dengar lagu itu lah ini lah. And my favourite application to listen to my favourite songs is Spotify! (No, this is not a sponsored advertisement haha). Last month, I subscribed the premium Spotify because recently they offered 3 months for only RM2 ($*@HDN*@#!) and I have already downloaded the application in both laptop (its name is Maccy hehe gedik nak ada nama) and phone. A few advantages of subscribing the premium one are there's no Spotify ads in between the songs and I can play it offline. And the best part is the songs can be synced from my phone to Maccy and I can control the songs from my phone to listen to them on Maccy! Get what I mean? Lemme explain it one by one.

If I'm sitting with my books and notes on my small table, together with Maccy as in the photo below, I can easily change the songs on Maccy. Yes, I prefer to listen them on Maccy because it's clearer and sounded nicer compare to playing it on the phone. 

But, like I said in Part 1, sometimes I prefer to sit with straight legs and lean on a few pillows on my back. So, Maccy would be quite far from me. 

When I sit like this, the laptop will be on the small table. Though my earphones are connected to my lappy, it would still be a bit far from me and difficult for me to reach the laptop and change the song. Worry no more, I can change the song easily by only using my phone.


1. Before you start, make sure you open the Spotify application on both laptop and phone first. Then, choose any songs you want to listen. For example, in this photo below, I chose 'Locked Away'. Below you can see there's an arrow pointing upwards, so click on that arrow to view the song.

2.  If you notice, there's a sentence at the bottom of the page 'Ardilla's MacBook Pro'. Click on it.

3.  Then you can choose whether to play the song on your phone or laptop. You can also change the music volume by adjusting the scroll at the bottom of the page, just beside the speaker icon. Easy, right?

You can do the same thing on your laptop.

1.  Click on the icon, just beside the volume at bottom right. 

2.  Open Spotify application on your phone. 

3.  Choose whether to play on your phone or laptop.

I know it sounds useless, because what for you change the song using your phone if you can directly change it on your laptop right?! I just wanna share this newly discovered tips (acewah), in case if there's anyone like me who prefer to listen songs on the laptop (because the sound is better!), but too lazy to move hahaha.

But nowadays, I rarely listen to songs with vocals because sometimes I feel they distract my concentration and deviate my focus to singing the song instead of studying. So I choose to listen to surah-surah from Al-Quran on quran.com or instrumental songs without the vocals. There are some studies suggest that listen to songs without vocals can increase focus. Usually I would play my 'Deep Focus' playlist on the Spotify whenever I study. I don't know whether it's because of my mindset or not, but I think listening to instrumental songs is kinda effective.

Who's Ardilla if no stay up and coffee?
I really, really love this one coffee, which was recommended by my 15-year-old brother. At first, I thought the brand was kinda weird.. wonda? Wondahhhwoman? Haha but it turned out to be my favourite, until now! (Other than the Old Town Hazelnut White Coffee).

Meet Miss Wondaaaaa (Coffee) haha

I haven't tried the Coffee Nap tips yet. I'm afraid kalau dah tertidur terus tak bangun haha.

Okay Dylla, that's it. I better stop babbling here as I still have loads of notes to be read and exercises to be done. Exam is just around the corner. Pray for me, guysss! Cuak kebebeh. Anyway, to those who haven't joined my New Year Giveaway, you still have time to join by just clicking on the link down below and follow the steps given. Deedaadee~


  1. akak pulak kalau study kena senyap sunyi kalau tidak susah ilmu nak lekat dalam kepala hihihi. kalau pasang lagu alamat dengan dengan mulut sekali menyanyi kihkihkih