One Principle I Always Hold On To During Housemanship

Assalamualaikum and hi everyoneeee.

Not sure if anyone still reads blog posts or not, but here I am after a year plus of hiatus. A lot of things happened and changed for the past year. I tried my best to update my blog, wishing that it would be somehow my go-to comfort place, where I can keep a part of memories, but I did not succeed. 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, but I still do not have enough time to update my blog monthly, not to mention weekly or daily. My off days and post nights were mostly spent on sleeping hehe. 

Oh and another reason why I didn't update much is because my laptop lagged so much that I rather do something else than wait for it. My husband bought a new laptop for me so yeay!

I started housemanship early August 2020. 1 year passed and I had gone through 3 postings, and currently in my fourth. Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G) was my first posting, followed by Surgical, Medical and now Orthopaedic. 

Housemanship is challenging. Every single person would say that. If you feel like quitting, you are not alone. Especially if you just start your journey as a doctor aka houseman. The earlier days won't be easy. There are days that you might regret your choice of becoming a doctor. There are days that you would cry so hard. There are days that you will be so busy that you don't have time to eat. There are days that people might call you 'jonah' because things happen when you're around even though it is just a coincident that you are there (luls). There are days that you go back and all you wanna do is sleep. There are days that things just don't go your way. There are days you might go back few hours late. 


There are also days that you meet good friends that even you guys go separate ways, you will still have each others' back. There are days that you work with nice MOs and specialists. There are days that you will have complete 3 meals. There are days that you will be able to sleep during your night shift (I had though, even just for a few days.. for the past 1 year..). There are days that your friends buy food for you. There are days that will be your firsts; first time assisting, first time suturing, first time cpr-ing, etc. And those first times will be so precious. The more firsts you get, more times you repeat, the better you will be and eventually your days will get better and better. Even though it still won't be easy, at least not every day you will feel like quitting. 

Small things count and remember those. Be proud of yourself. Help out each other. Be proactive and productive. Always be empathy. Treat patients how you would like doctors treat your family. And most importantly, jangan berkira bila buat kerja. You will gain pahala, experience and knowledge. Be nice to your superiors, colleagues and others. You think people might not remember it, but they actually do. 

One principle among few principles that I always hold on to; 
All people are nice until proven otherwise. 

Even if you think someone is not so nice, treat them nicely. S/he might be having a bad day. Well, who doesn't have one right? Look the good things in others. If you get scolded, take the good ones and leave the bad ones. Never take anything personally in your heart, but if it does get to your heart and you feel like wanna cry, just cry. We are human beings and it is okay to cry. 

I still have one year to go. 

I pray that all of us will be able to go through hardships in our lives toughly, strongly and successfully amin.


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