Not a Covid Virgin Anymore

Covid-19 has been around us for more than 2 years. I have received 4 Covid jabs, including 2 boosters. Thought I was finally fully immuned to Covid, but guess I was wrong. 

It was a long weekend and I finally got to meet both of my parents weeee. It had been a month since the last time we went back to Kajang and Melaka. Maulidur Rasul was on 9th, so we got an extra day of holiday. We went back to Kajang first, then to Melaka. 

I was sooooo exciteddd. I sang on top of my lungs in the car, while accompanying Sobri to drive hehe. 

We spent most of the time with our parents at home. We didn't go out much. Only once in Kajang for tea time. We planned A LOT of things, but ended up cancelling everything because we decided to just chill and rest. 

I woke up on the third day feeling like a lump inside my throat. It was so painful. I drank a lot of water but the sore throat did not go away. Sometimes I do get the same feeling whenever I slept with an opened mouth, so I just brushed it off and told myself that this is another episode of me sleeping without closing my mouth. 

Soon after that, runny nose started. I used to have allergic rhinitis, so I thought it was just another episode since I had been sleeping in air-conditioned room for the past few days. But then again, I sleep in air-conditioned room every day, so why suddenly my allergic rhinitis came back? It was pretty weird.

Then at night I started to have fever with chills and rigors. I had terrible chills until I shivered under my thick blanket at night, but my forehead was burning. Sobri was worried. He woke up few times, gave me my meds and hugged me tighter because I kept telling him I felt cold.

That time we were already in Melaka. My parents were so concerned about me, but I knew no matter what I had to go back to Johor because the next day was my oncall day. I thought it was just a simple upper respiratory tract infection, which would eventually resolve on its own. 

I had temperature spike that night, but I insisted to go to work despite my husband told me to take MC and started the day as usual. I couldn't just tell that I wanna MC and find a replacement for my oncall at a very last minute. I didn't wanna burden my colleague as well. 

I took medications regularly, because if not my fever won't come down and I would be coughing all day. I had headache as well. That night was the worst. Alhamdulillah I managed to sleep, but I woke up every hour due to coughing. It reminded me of my asthma attacks during childhood. That moment I knew that I should take an MC on the next day. 

My ward had enough people to cover on the next day, so I informed my colleagues and specialists in charge of my ward. I somehow had a hunch that maybe it was Covid? 

I reached home and luckily I still had a few of Covid test kits so I immediately did a test on myself. 

Bammm! As clear as the sky on that day; I'm confirmed Covid positive. Orang nak positive lain, Covid yang positive dulu haha. 

No wonder my URTI symptoms were soooo bad. I texted my superior and contacted OSHA to know what should I do next. They told me to fill up the Covid screening form and go to HSA cabin, where all swabs are done. 

I went there, and repeat another swab for RTK-Ag. It turned out positive as well. The positive line was soooo clear. I updated the form for positive person and they said My Sejahtera will be update automatically. 

So, that was the story of how I am not a Covid virgin anymore. Not something that I'm proud of, but grateful for everything. 

Alhamdulillah my family members including my husband tested negative so far and hopefully they will remain negative. 


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