My Very First Time

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Hi guys!
Today was a busy day for me.
I had 3 lectures, mms and clinical skills session.
Plus, I just finished practising an act that we'll present in front of the whole class during History of Medicine tomorrow.
Here I just wanna share something with you guys.
Something that happened to me today.
The first time of what I should have done years before.

To be honest, I never became an imam during prayer time even when I was in secondary school (all girls).
Well basically because I started to wear scarf (tudung) when I was in form 4 so I always thought that I didn't deserve to be an imam.
Sometimes my friends did asking me to be the imam but I always refused.
Yes, I pretended like I wanna lead the solat jemaah but I didn't (zaman jahil sikit).

Last night, I was eating laksa when I heard azan Maghrib.
Immediately I stopped eating and said to Kak Nas that I wanted to join them to solat berjemaah.
Kak Nas was the imam while Najwa was the bilal (the one who iqamah is a bilal right?).
After solat, I said to myself, "Best juga kalau dapat jadi imam ni."
But I simply ignored my thought.
I folded my telekung and continued eating my laksa.

The next day (today),  I studied a bit after mms session in the library and went to surau to solat.
I took my wudhu', wore telekung and started praying when suddenly.. someone stood near beside me and tapped my shoulder!
At first, I felt like wanna stop and tell the young lady that I couldn't be an imam.
But I didn't stop.
I changed my niat (as an imam) and continued praying until the end.
Alhamdulillah everything went well.
It was such an indescribable-mixed feeling, really.
I was a bit terrified because all happened out of sudden but at the same time I felt very very very happy, excited, confident, thrilled and all-those-good-feeling-that-exist-in-this-world!
Maybe I sounded so lame to you but this is the truth.
Until now I still can't believe this.
Can't believe that I can do this.

Betul lah like people always say,
"Kalau niat nak buat benda baik, InshaaAllah Allah swt akan tolong and permudahkan."

Maybe everything was just a coincidence but still, who planned everything? Allah swt.
Correct your intention every day.
Though you may think something is impossible but with Allah swt helps, nothing is impossible.
That's all. I need to take a bath.

Toodles and assalamualaikum :)


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