6 People, 1 Team

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Done with the 1000-word-critical-appraisal essay with 0% plagiarism in one day, yes, you'd never know what completing an assignment last minute can do to you; you would be super fast trying to finish it before the dateline or you would be totally doomed.. Luckily, I didn't choose to be the latter one, phew! Well, although this is only a formative assignment, which will not be counted and acted as a carry mark, but still, I kinda feel guilty if I didn't submit it haha. My semester 5 housemates are packing their things as they'll be moving out and entering the IMU Clinical School in Seremban. Anyway, back to the main topic, which I was supposed to write since last week! Oh my, what this week had done to me.

Last Friday night was the end of IMU Malay Cultural Week 2015 and to be honest, twas the best feeling ever after countless of not-enough-sleep at nights, a number of classes skipped, the weekend I sacrificed, together with the sprained neck and dislocated shoulders. The initial disagreements, small-little-immature fights turned into a mutual agreement to ensure that everything that had been planned would run smoothly and gloriously. 6 people of the high committee with different ideas in our mind and unique creativity that we'd like to show each other, became 1. That's what I meant with . . .

. . . enam menjadi satu.
(Acece acah deep hehe)

Malay Cultural Week is one of the major events organised by Malay Culture Society every year and if we failed to make it a success, it's like you've ruined the whole MCS plans haha. We already discussed and planned for this event since one month ago, but this is life, not everything we plan will run smoothly without any obstacles and difficulties, things are just not meant to be and to Him should we have our faith in. With the small circle of the high committee, which consists only 6 people; president, secretary, treasurer, multimedia, logistic and public relation, Alhamdulillah we managed to make this event a success and to be honest, I learnt a lot from them. Hope they feel the same way as I did.

It was a 3-day event with exhibitions, a silat performance, Malay cuisine, mock wedding, traditional games and theatre. Tiara and I had been assigned as the props team, and basically our job was to make sure everything is tip-top on the stage during the theatre performance night. Senang cerita kerja belakang tabir lah gitu, nak berlakon takut pula orang terpegun sampai pengsan hahaha. At the same time, even though our task was only to handle the prop thingy, but we also involved for the other activities and stuff as well. The 2 main things during the Malay Cultural Week were mock wedding and theatre.

Mock Wedding

Imagine you have to plan for a (mock) wedding with a small amount of money. Hm I bet it wasn't an easy task. Nisa was the main wedding planner, while Tiara and I were among the advisors. As the amount of allocated money wasn't as much where you can simply buy everything without looking at the price tags, we tried as hard as we can to make sure everything we bought, we rented, we borrowed etc didn't exceed our budget by making our own bunga telur, and reused back materials that were still in good condition.

As a tradition, a couple of non-Malay is picked to become the bride and the bridegroom, and for this year we chose Shawn and Nikol, because they are super duper cute couple (they said they're just friends, but mehh hehehe). 'Orang sebelah' (family sides) were consisted of their orientation group mates. Tiara and Nisa became the mothers for the bridegroom and the bride respectively. Me? I took care of the PA system, controlling the paluan kompang and wedding songs.

It was extremely fun, with Malay, Chinese and Indian, all together like a family. A multicultural family with no invisible boundaries separating us, ahh the harmonious feeling.

The 'berarak' video I managed to record

I wore batik lipat sendiri for the first time

Theatre 'Alahai Menantu'

I didn't join when they filmed the trailer for this 'Alahai Menantu 2.0' theatre as I was at Audi's place, but I helped Nisa a bit in the making of the trailer, even though tambah sikit depan and belakang je haha ceh saja nak bagi kredit kat diri sendiri.

Anyway, my main task in the making of this theatre a success was the props, of course. I was really lucky to have Tiara as my partner to handle the props team, as almost everything we planned ran smoothly, except for the part where some of the actors were kinda unhappy and worried with our prop-making progress, but I totally understood and I admitted they had the right to feel it that way because yelah diorang penat practice berlakon, tapi takut props pula sambil lewa haaa. We didn't do the signboards, the wooden house, etc in front of them, that's why. We already started buying styrofoam and pelaka paints a month before as we were afraid if we did things last minute, unexpected bad things might happen and of course, you didn't want to be the culprit, don't you?

The theatre went well. I was really amazed and impressed with the talent those actors have, wondering if I would ever be like them.. no.. I couldn't. But hey, people are perfectly imperfect, one might have this, one might not have that. So, I still have time to find my 'hidden' talent, well, in case if I have one haha.

Pembantu bawa terbang dari Bangi haha

Okay lah. That's all I guess. I have a clinic visit tomorrow for follow up cases with diabetic patients wuaaaa, better sleep now. Toodles!

P/s; More photos in my Instagram; @dyllarezan :)


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