Nov 17, 2015

How To Keep Plastic Bags Neatly

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Some people categorise the neat people as "OCD". OCPD is quite true, but don't worry. I'm having neither OCD nor OCPD. It's just a preference and personality, not something that I have to do, if not I'll be having anxiety. I'll talk about OCD and OCPD later. 

Usually at home, I'd just crumple all the plastic bags and put into a plastic bag holder hanging in a corner of the kitchen, but when I'm away from home, since when I was in SSP until now, I prefer to fold my plastic bags. It's not only neat, but also save a lot of space. Nonetheless, kekadang tu time nak cepat ada lah juga main letak je dalam hand luggage bawah katil haha. 

Lets start!

1.   Take a plastic bag and spread it like this. Remove all the air inside by smoothing it using your palm.

2.   Fold it into half.

3.   Fold again into another half.

4.   Fold a small triangle at the edge of the plastic bag. 

5.   Flip the triangle up and fold another small triangle. 

6.   Repeat it until the end of the plastic bag.

7.   Insert the tip of the plastic bag under the fold. Taraaa!

See? It's slimmer, smaller, neater to be kept anywhere; inside a desk, a small compartment. And you don't have to worry as your plastic bags won't simply scatter lying everywhere hehe.

P/s: I'm having a hectic and busy life lately. Sorry for the long silence (macam ada orang kisah haha). I've saved a lot of interesting stuff in my draft, but haven't completed writing them yet. Sob sob. 


  1. selama ni bergelut habis nak sumbat plastik yang komot kat dalam bekas dia. Hopefully kali ni lagi kemas.

  2. LAAAA... dh lama folding plastik ni.. mak akk dlu lipat semua plastik2 kat umah.. dh mcm kuih koci.. hahahahah.. balik dri kje terkocoh2 amik afew bwk msuk bilik la kononnnnn... sekali tgk, hamekkk!!! hahahahha :P