4D3N Krabi Budget Trip (Less Than RM700!) - Itinerary & Expenses

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I just started a new semester 2 weeks ago and I'm still in the process to catch the pace. Today is Saturday and it's time for me to relax weehoo! I'm gonna update about Krabi itinerary and expenses. Let's start with the itinerary first, shall we?

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Day 1 (24/1/2016, Sunday)
0730 - Arrived in Thailand.
0915 - Out of the airport and went to Luna House in Ao Nang by a taxi.
1000 - Arrived at the Luna House.
1100 - Morning walk to the Ao Nang Beach and at the same time tried finding packages for the next 3 days. We had lunch at the Bamboo Restaurant and then continued searching for packages with the best price, before heading to the Ao Nang Beach. Too lazy to walk so we took a tuktuk back to the Luna House.
1430 - Arrived at the Luna House and slept until 5pm. Penat sangat hehe.
1715 - Went to the Night Market in Krabi Town by a tuktuk. The journey was about 25 minutes from our stay place.
2030 - Back to the hotel.
2100 - Arrived at the Luna House.

Day 2 (25/1/2016, Monday)
0600 - Woke up.
0830 - Had a breakfast while waiting for the van to the Hot Stream, Emerald Pool and Blue Pool.
0900 - The van arrived.
1020 - Arrived at the Hot Spring Waterfall. We were given 1 hour and had to gather back at 11.20am and continued journey to the Emerald Pool and Blue Pool.
1145 - Arrived at the Emerald Pool and Blue Pool. 
1340 - We were supposed to gather back at 1.20pm, but Sobri and I were 20 minutes late because of (a bit) poor time management. Left the pools and went for elephant trekking.
1500 - Arrived at the elephant trekking place. The journey took quite some time as the driver sent back those who didn't book for elephant trekking. 
1600 - Ended the package and went back to Luna House. The elephant trekking place is situated only about 10-15 minutes from Luna House. 
2115 - Went out for dinner.

Day 3 (26/1/2016, Tuesday)
0915 - The van to Phi Phi Islands Tour arrived.
1020 - Bamboo Island. Spent time, swimming and beach bumming until 11am.
1125 - Snorkeling near the Monkey Island.
1220 - Buffet lunch at the Koh Phi Phi Don.
1330 - Left Koh Phi Phi Don and went to Maya Bay.
1430 - Reached Maya Bay, swimming and beach bumming. Spent about 1 hour and 30 minutes there before going back to where we started.
1630 - Arrived Luna House.
1815 - Went out, finding souvenirs and food hunting.

Day 4 (27/1/2016, Wednesday)
0930 - Left Luna House to the kayak place by a tuk tuk taxi.
1030 - Reached the kayak place. After a briefing, started kayaking for 7km.
1200 - Ended kayaking and went back to Luna House.
1530 - Left Ao Nang. The airport is about 40 minutes away from Ao Nang.
1715 - Boarded into the flight. Arrived at 8.30pm, local time.


The currency is no longer RM1 = 10baht. When we were there, RM1 was about 8.5baht.

Flight ticket (return); RM210
Taxi from airport to Ao Nang; 600baht per taxi, 150baht per person.
Tuktuk from Ao Nang Beach back to Luna House; 120baht per tuktuk, 30baht per person.
Tuktuk from Ao Nang to Krabi Town (return); 600baht per tuktuk, 150baht per person.
Van from Luna House to airport; 500baht per van, 125baht per person.

Triple room in Luna House; 1300baht per night. 3 nights = 3900baht.
1300baht per person.

Hot Stream, Emerald Pool, Blue Pool & Elephant Trekking; 700baht (not inc. lunch)
Phi Phi Islands Tour; 900baht (inc. buffet lunch)
Bamboo Island + Maya Bay; 400baht to set foot on the National Park.
Kayaking; 400baht

Total expenses (not inc. food and souvenirs): RM210 + 4155baht (~RM488) = RM698


Just to inform, I already uploaded the Krabi Trip video in my YouTube channel so feel free to watch it!

Click here;
JAN 2016 // KRABI

Enjoy watching!


  1. thank you for this entry kak dylla! bookmarked! nak buat rujukan hihi :) muahhhh x

  2. Mesti rasa rindu nak pegi lagi ni kan?

  3. fuhh...complete..kalau belum ke sini..sis JM akan jadikan rujukan

  4. syoknya p krabi...bl leh p solo ek?ada aksesori ni susah nk jln...ekekekeke

  5. salam..
    hi dylla..

    waa..g krabi..holiday?

  6. Teringin jugak nak ke sana. In Shaa Allah satu hari nanti.... Tapi kalau yg nak melancong ke Melaka tu dan nak cari homestay blh cntct saya. Mlk pun bnyk jugak tmpt2 menarik utk dikunjungi

  7. Hi!! How you book package Hot Stream, Emerald Pool, Blue Pool & Elephant Trekking and also kayak tu? mcmana you get that price? TQ :)

    1. I walked along the street to Ao Nang beach and went to the agents one by one, asking for the best price they could give. Then compared with one another and bought the one with the best deal! Tapi pergi dalam 3-4 agents je tak larat nak survey semua haha

    2. Ardilla Noorezam...ada tak lagi no contact agent tu

  8. wow! great! I like your blog post!
    The most detailed one so far!
    Thanks a lot for listing all the prices so that we all can take as reference!
    I'm going next week! This is really handy! :D

    3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Bad Financial Decision!

  9. Salam nak tanya, macam mane awak booking hotel, just paid dekat sana or booking n pay dalam agoda? Suggestion please :)

  10. Salam nak tnya macam mane pasal hotel? awak terus cari kat sana dan bayar or awak booking melalui agoda or pape je? Which one is better? suggestion please :)

    1. Wassalam. Saya book hotel using booking.com. Rasanya tak perlu bayar pun kalau guna booking.com cuma bila nak dekat tu kena confirm kan dengan bayar sikit deposit, then bayar yang selebihnya kat hotel tu bila dah sampai sana :)

  11. Berkayak tu mcm kat tepi pulau kan? Kitaorg berkayak mcm kat paya bakau jer ..ke ada mcm2 lokasi kayak bkn di Ao Thalane sj?

    1. Oh haritu kitorang pun berkayak masuk paya bakau. Rasanya ada lokasi lain tapi dekat dengan pulau tu not sure pulak. Sorryyy.

  12. Thank you for the tips.. planning next year

  13. Superb entry ni.. haritu akk dpt offer utk beli tiket honeymoon kat krabi tpi xbrp tahu sgt budget kat sana.. this will help alot.. keep it up my dear

  14. Can I copy this entry to my Writer? In case I want to go to Krabi one day. So nice info. TQ hihihi

  15. salam dik, sori ya..nak tnya sikit la..kalau harga kanak2 sama or lain ya untuk phi phi island tour tu..

    1. Rasanya macam sama tapi boleh cuba mintak murah. Bargain sampai dapat! Hehe

  16. Hi, I will be going to krabi this month. Are u take package for hot stream, emerald land etc, because is just 700 baht. Now I searching need 2000bath person . Could u pm me what tour your booked ? Or u self drive ?

    1. I took package. Can't remember which company, sorryyy!

  17. hi dear.. nak tanya, yg harga utk every place yg u pergi tu per person ke? tq..

  18. Assalam sis. Nice sharing!!
    Sis cari package tu masa da ada dekat krabi kan?
    Satu lg, package2 tu under hotel ke? Klu bukan, diorg selalu offer package kat mana ya. Sorry byk tanya pulak😅 tqvm

    1. Wassalam. Thank you!
      Saya cari kat area Ao Nang, jalan nak ke beach. Memang banyak biasanya. Under hotel pun adaa. Saya survey harga and ambil yang paling berbaloi hehe

  19. Kayak tu dekat mana, miss? Ao Thalane ke?

    1. Saya tak ingat tempat tu tapi saya booked masa kat Ao Nang lah :)

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