I Met Pregnant Superwomen(?)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I just started my life as a fourth semester medical student in IMU last week, with the reproductive system as the first system to learn this semester. Weehoo for some people, but it's the same for me. I thought this semester would be different with newly energised Ardilla after 2 months of holiday and the spirit to work harder, but meyhhh. The same Ardilla who easily falls asleep, especially in the evening, even though everyone else is laughing about something. I'm still in the process to change myself, fighting Dylla!

Anyway, I haven't written for quite some time, I know right! Writing is something that I do during leisure time when I feel like I wanna do it. But, if that time I prefer sleeping or studying, I'm so not gonna write any because it will turn out into something that is forced-unhappily written haha. 

I had my first and last clinic visit of this semester today and it was a wonderful experience, somehow reminds me of the elective posting in O&G department I had last semester. Everything such as how they record, medications and supplements they give and their concerns are almost the same, but the setting is completely different, that's for sure. I still have to work out on rephrasing the questions and practice more on history taking as there were a few awkward what-to-ask-more full stops during the clerking session as I kept thinking about the flow we were being taught during the clinical session. It made me feel more like a robot rather than a human being who's having a nice chit-chat with another human being. 

While I was taking the history from a patient, my group mate informed me that we had to go for the home visit. 'twas my first time knowing there's such thing called home visit for antenatal (before birth) and postnatal (after birth). We had the chance to go to 2 houses before continuing on the observation in the clinic itself. The first house we visited was for the antenatal care, while the second one was for the postnatal care. 

This home visit is made specially for those who either always skip the follow up they're supposed to go or having difficulties to go to the clinic such as no transport, no one to bring them, etcetera. Medicine is not just about learning the part of the human body, the unique names of the dangerous mosquitoes that can cause fatal diseases or the types of drugs needed to treat a disease, but Medicine is more than that. Today I met superwomen who either carrying a foetus in her belly or has become a mother to a cute newly born baby. They looked really strong despite whatever difficulties they are in and obstacles they have to go through. 

I learn not only how they manage and conduct this home visit, but also the lifestyle of some citizens in a part of this country. It opened my eyes, making me feel more grateful with what I have. We tend to feel sad and frustrated for not having this and that, neglecting what we already have that might be a wish to someone else. It's not wrong to say "I wish" as it might be a determination, which at the same time raising the spirit in yourself, but it's not okay to complain all the times. Today, I saw a mother of 6 who lives with her children in a small house with a set of torn sofa, a very old small fridge, some broken cupboards and a bed. How can I not be grateful when I have a really comfortable place to stay and study, with complete basic needs and facilities? 

Don't complain too much and be grateful. Alhamdulillah.


  1. kak dyllaaaaaaaaa i hope you're fine. chaiyok kak dylla! jangan tidur dalam kelas kehkehkeh :)

    suka entry ni. kadang-kadang kita terlepas pandang yg ada orang lain yang lebih susah daripada kita kan? alhamdulillah. thank you Allah for everything.

    1. Hai Fieyqaaaa! Jangan tidur dalam kelas juga! Hehe

      Betul tu kita kena bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ada. Anyway, good luck in your study Fieyqa! :D

  2. Deep. Kadang-kadang diri ni selalu sangat merungut itu ini, sedangkan ada oang yang lebih susah dari kita :')

  3. tula kan kadang bila kita dah Nampak kesusahan orang lain dari kita tu. baru kita macam tersedar yang kita ni sebenarnya jauh lebih beruntung dari dorang


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