15 Useful Tips For Krabi Budget Trip

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Here are some tips that I managed to remember. Hope this post will help you in planning your trip! 

1. Fill in the immigration form in the flight.

When we arrived, there was a really, really long line, queuing behind the immigration counters. We didn't write our flight number and 'address in Thailand' because we thought it wasn't important, but then at the counter itself, the customs officer asked us to fill everything, then we had to search back everything and write them down. Luckily, I saved all those details in my handphone. So, make sure you fill in EVERYTHING needed to save time. For 'address in Thailand', just write the address of the place you'll be staying. 

2. Don't book any tour package while on your way from the airport to hotel.

The van / taxi that you take will bring you to a company for packages and trip booking. DON'T BOOK ANY FROM THEM because you will get a wayyyy cheaper price from other places, especially if you stay at Ao Nang Beach. There will be a lot of packages and trips that you can find along the roadside near the beach, where you can even bargain to get the best price. 

3. Bring mineral water to Emerald Pool.

It's a long walk from the starting point of the Emerald Pool, so I suggest you to bring a mineral water especially if you have kids with you. But, worry not if you forget as there's a small shop near the pool when you have arrived to buy some drinks from. Or you can grab something to eat and drink first before entering the place. 

4. Bring / buy a leather / waterproof bag when riding the speedboat.

Example of waterproof bags

We went to Krabi during a not-so-good weather as the ride to Phi Phi Islands was rough and bumpy. Sobri brought a bag, where we put our phones and cameras in. The bag isn't waterproof, so he had to kinda hug the bag and I had to put my camera under my shawl to protect and make sure the splashing water won't enter the bag and damage the cameras. The water splash hit us the most as we sat at the rearmost seat of the boat. Dalam hati regret tak bawa bag kulit apa semua haha.

5. Dry storage in the speedboat 

But if you were too lazy and think it's a waste to buy other leather / waterproof bag, then just put your stuff in the dry storage under your seat. Usually all speedboats have this compartment.

6. Bring mosquito repellent for kayaking.

We didn't bring any and Alhamdulillah none bit us, well prolly because we have thick skin or already kinda 'immune' to mosquito bite haha. Nonetheless, I suggest you to bring especially those who'll wear shorts and short sleeves as you will be entering mangrove swamps if you take the 7km route like us. Not sure if there's any other route though, sorry!

7. Not enough money?

The good news is, there are CIMB banks in Krabi! I think there are 2 in Ao Nang, near the beach while the other one in Krabi Town, which is situated near the Night Market.  

8. A lot of halal food near the mosque area.

If you are a Muslim, don't worry as there's a lot of halal food available, especially if you stay near the Ao Nang Mosque. You can also get halal food from a few restaurants there. If you wanna try a power Thai tom yam, you can go to Kawan Restaurant. It's just a small restaurant, not sure you'll notice it or not. Their tom yam noodle was the best I've ever eaten as I really like spicy food, and I even asked for more spice haha. 
(Read this post to know more about food I had)

9. Keep samples!

Example. Cred to Mr. Google

I know this idea is a bit ridiculous, but I found it quite useful, at least for me haha. I rarely travel so I don't have a proper travel kit or specifically travel toiletry kit and it's not convenient for me to bring everything in their big sized bottles / containers as I bought the ticket without any check-in luggage, nor did my friends. Luckily, I have a few samples of shampoo, and also soap as the place where we stayed only provided us a solid soap, which obviously we had to share. About the soap, I don't mind sharing though, because both of them are my best friends. But the problem was, they didn't provide any shampoo. Our hair became really dry and somehow melekit at the end of the day, so to sleep without washing our hair was a no no. This is when the samples are useful haha.

On and here's an easy and incredible idea on how to pack your toiletries! Click here to watch the video.

10. Always bargain for a cheaper price 

Always, always and always bargain when buying sometimes. Well, except for food. Guess what, I even tried to bargain for food, silly me haha I know right! Other than souvenirs, one most important thing that you should bargain for is the package trip to Emerald Pool, Phi Phi Islands Tour, etc. Ask for the cheapest price possible. Here are the prices that I got for each package, which you can make it as a reference if you want to.

11. Seasickness

Bring pills for seasickness if needed. It is an over-the-counter medicine that you can easily get from the pharmacy. 

12. Keep receipt for booked trip

For trip packages you book, make sure you keep the receipt because you have to show it to them when they fetch you from the hotel. 

13. Change money in Malaysia & bring Ringgit

Estimate your budget and change money in Malaysia, but do bring along some Ringgit just in case you're short of money later. It's advisable not to withdraw money there as you'll be charged around RM25 for every transaction.

14. Bring universal adapter (2pin)


You may also consider bringing power strips, especially if you stay 3-4 people per room, so that you can charge all your gadgets at the same time.

15. Waterproof case

Bring waterproof case for your phone if you wanna capture every single moment, including during snorkelling and island tour. Don't simply take for granted for little things like this. One of my friends had water entered his phone and caused irreversible damage to the phone. 

That's all for now. Hope this post helps!


  1. Bila nak bawak kita pergi Krabi plaks? Hurm.

  2. nice tips kak dylla! lama tak singgah sini, rindu kak dylla. selamat hari raya hihi :D

    1. Hehe thank youuu, rindu Fieyqa juga! Selamat Hari Raya :)

  3. what is the immigration form ? what should we write for thailand address ?

    1. It's a form that foreigners / those who are not natives in that country have to fill. Just write the hotel / place you'll be staying. Thanks for asking. I'll add about it in my post :)

  4. good Dylla.. best baca tips Dylla.. hehe akak tatau bila nak sampai Krabi..
    btw beg tu nak beli mana.. akak ade casing untuk hp je..

    1. Kak Siti pergi jejauh lagi besttt hehe. Beg tu saya nampak ada jual kat lazada. Tapi saya pun tak beli sebab takut membazir nak guna sehari je haha

    2. kadang2 bila cari travel partner yang ngam.. memang sama2 mutual agreement nak pegi satu2 tempat tu.. tu jadinya kesana. ada kwn2 ajak pegi gak tapi timing slalu tak kenaa hehe..

      ok je beli Dylla.. pelaburan. simpan elok2 n u will never know ada adhoc trip ke apa ke.. dah ada stand by da..

    3. Haah kan betul jugak tu Kak Siti. Ni pun saya ingatkan nak kumpul duit, melabur kat benda benda berguna untuk travel. Kalau simpan elok elok, InshaaAllah boleh guna lama, ye dak? Hehe

  5. again, thanks for the tips!
    Really helpful! especially on the arrival card where i probably too lazy to fill in all. haha

    3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Bad Financial Decision!

    1. I was like that also, until they didn't allow me to pass through the immigration counter haha.

  6. Nice tips!!! Dah lama ni nak ke Krabi tapi lom ada rezeki lagi. Kalau bawak anak2 g Krabi caner la rupanye pulak... Hihih

    1. Haha kena tunggu anak anak besar sikit then bawak diorang hehe. Thank you anyway! :)

  7. Seriously I like this tips. Plus travel set, hygiene and make up too :D

  8. amik package sesiap ke or amik time arrive kat chao nang sana ?

  9. nice tips....tpi yang card arrival tu nak amik dkt mana ya?


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