I Pricked Someone's Hand!

This post is supposed to be posted on 15th September 2016.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

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I'm not going to write about how long I haven't written anything and how busy I am, uh-oh, I just did it haha. I have a lot of things to share throughout the one month I was 'Missing In Action', but I don't know where to start and where to put the full stop. Anyway, currently I'm having a 4-week-hospital posting in Batu Pahat, Johor. I had my Paediatrics rotation last week and just ended the medical ward rotation this afternoon.

This morning we had a session with Sister N. She asked us to enter "Klinik Pakar 1" 3-4 people at a time. Sanaa, Aina, Marsaid and I were in the last sub group to enter the clinic. Sister N. straightly brought us to the blood withdrawal counter. It's show time. All this while we only did the venepuncture procedure on a mannequin, so finally we had a chance to do it on a real patient. Marsaid went first as he had already done it before. I was the second person. I called the patient's name and asked her to sit while I prepared the equipments needed. Sister N. was there the whole time to supervise and guide.

I wrapped the tourniquet around the patient's hand and began finding the suitable vein to be withdrawn the blood from. I found the most prominent vein at the left antecubital fossa. I removed the needle cap and slowly pricked through the skin until a flashback of blood was seen. I pulled the piston until the indicator reached number 4. I loosened the tourniquet and put a cotton wool before pulling out the needle. Then I inserted the blood taken into 2 small blood collection tubes. My hands were a bit shaking when I was transferring the blood hmm it must be the post-procedure syndrome, I guess haha. Luckily it wasn't too obvious. I tried my best to make myself calm down before the tremor makes me prick myself. You surely don't wanna that to happen though.

Anyway, everything went well, Alhamdulillah. One try is still not enough for me. Sometimes it's not that easy to locate the vein. Sometimes can only see the superficial ones. I still need a lot of practice, that's for sure. Practice might not make us perfect, but it definitely makes us better.

After the procedure, I went to the medical ward to complete my long case history for the upcoming case presentation. Hope I didn't miss out anything.

 *fingers crossed*


  1. thanks god u didn't prick anyone hehe . bestnya dah try dekat real patient.

  2. ingatkan tercucuk jarum bukan dkt patient tadi huhu,

  3. Alhamdulillah. Heheeh yesss, practice will definitely makes us better :)

  4. suka stmt ni 'Practice might not make us perfect, but it definitely makes us better'

  5. hehhee... ayah akk ajar kan, kalau takut msa inject tu, jgn tgk.. tpi, kalau kerjaya doct cmne plak gaya nya kalau x tgk >_<

    1. Haha kannn? Seram jugak memula nak cucuk tu tapi alhamdulillah berjalan lancar phew hehe

  6. Our Malaysian patients Impression is dia tak suka Practical Doctor. It was my own experience bila jaga atok sakit dan katil sebelah membebel sbb tangan dia bekak bila doktor praktikal yg cucuk. Pastu muka tak bersalah ni buat tak malu pergi dkt patient tu (tinggal atok kejap) pasatu pergi tanya 'sakit ke cik.. Meh saya urutkan' pastu join mengumpat skaliii hahahaha . maap ye practical doctor :D


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