It Brings Me Back To 2015

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

This 'Heathens' song keeps playing in my mind. Blame the radio station that plays it every day. See, people tend to blame others instead of admitting their mistakes haha yes, I'm talking about myself. I'm currently having a posting in obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G), yup women stuff, from pregnancy to menstruation to ovary and uterus. This brings me back to the 2015, when I had my second hospital attachment a.k.a elective posting. 

The first one I had when I was studying A-Level. The second one, I chose to do the 3-week-elective posting in O&G department with Tiara. Although it was kinda difficult that time as I hadn't studied about the reproductive system, nor did I have any idea of how the delivery was gonna look like. And I didn't even know what to expect and about the special components needed to clerk an obstetrics or gynaecology case, but it was such a great experience and overview. You can just click here to view the post about my previous elective posting; WEEK 1 (Labour Room), WEEK 2 (Clinics), WEEK 3 (Wards). Yup I posted for every week haha glad I did that, no regret. 

I clerked 2 cases at the antenatal wards (pregnant moms) yesterday's morning. In the evening, my group and another group combined for a clinical case discussion (CCD) session. I was the one who had to present to everyone, including the O&G specialist, Dr Emad. Dr Emad is an Arabian. I heard he talked with someone in Arabic! Jakuns jap, excited dengar. If someone who studies in Arab countries read this must be like,"Mehh, we even talk in Arab with patients okay" haha. Dr Emad really looks like my late grandfather, but a younger version. He's really nice! One thing that I really like about him is he tried his best to remember everyone's name. Though he called me 'Adida', but that's fine though. When someone, especially lecturer calls me by my name, I feel a bit more being acknowledged. Not that I'm saying other lecturers appreciate me less, but it does make me feel happy.

Today was kinda a busy day for us. We had a session with Sister Nalani this morning, learning about simple procedures in a real clinical setting; real urine for urine dipstick test, not just chrysanthemum tea haha. I also had a chance to do ECG on a real patient. Though had a few 'disturbance' lines in the ECG strip, but the placement of the leads was correct.

After the session, a few of us went to the prenatal ward while a few others including me went to the postnatal ward. We accidentally met Dr Pang there. During bed side teaching with Dr Pang an hour later, she asked us why were we in the postnatal ward because we're supposed to clerk cases from prenatal. but then I told her that we had gone to the prenatal ward yesterday, so we just wanted to check out the postnatal. It was a really good case discussion and she even taught us the theory behind everything and the components of the history taking according to her style. A bit different from Dr Emad, but that's what doctors do. They develop and find their own styles along the way in the medical field and that's what I'm gonna do also, hope will get to find my own, InshaaAllah (May Allah will).

In the evening, we had a class with our mentor, Dr Vela to discuss about our case for upcoming case presentation. I wish I'd sent the case earlier. The discussion triggered my brain, telling it that I should start thinking reasonably, not just simply include everything in the case history though they are irrelevant or insignificant.

At night, my group mates and I had a dinner with good home cooked food by our group leader, Rilwana weeee. It was really really yummeyhhhh! Made me miss home though tsk tsk. I helped a bit, but only like goreng telur and scooped the rice hehe :p

Wish we'd have dinner like this together later. I feel so glad to have group mates like them!


  1. salam..hi dylla..
    yaya singh melawat sini =)

  2. Assalamualaikum. singgah blogwalking kat sini.

    Saya selalu seronok baca cerita2 pasal life seorang doctor.😉

  3. Hai, Dylla. Apa khabar? Maaflah akak lama tak menjengah ke mari.
    Seronoknya tengok meals kat atas tu. Lagi seronok bila makan ramai2 kan :)

    1. Khabar baikkk! Takpe kak Farrah hehe. Haah betul tu, makan ramai ramai rasa macam family :)

    2. Kadang2 apa yang dimakan tu simple je,..tapi rasa sedapppp bangatttt!

    3. Hehehe betul sangat tu Kak Farrah, saya setujuuu!

  4. Hai dyla..lama x singgah sini..still remember me ahakss

  5. Replies
    1. Yuppp! Dia memang orang Arab. Excited saya dengar dia cakap haha

  6. anak2 akk psg angan2 nak jdi doct, Aamiin..
    anyway, seronok bca

    1. Semoga diorang dapat jadi doctor aminnn! Thank you Kak Umie! :)

  7. Seriously, U r and Incredible and Adorable doctor and also Multi-Tasker. Keep Inspiring me in whatever way..


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