1204 Not The Real Numbers

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Meet Ummi Umairah binti Kahar

I can't remember when was the last time I met this girl. She's my best friend since standard 1, although back in primary school, there were times that we were not friends and we created our own gang where we persuaded our classmates not to be friends with the other party haha. But still, she was among those who stay in my life the longest, congrats and thanks, you're the chosen one haha.

The initial plan of our hang out yesterday was to go to Mahkota Parade, have a lunch at Boat Noodles and then watch Bad Genius at Lotus 5 Stars Cinema with Ica (sister) and Haniza (cousin) as well. Unfortunately, Haniza couldn't join, so Ica decided to let Ummi and I spend time together. Too lazy to drive until Mahkota Parade, plus we thought of trying the 'Malaysian boat noodles', we chose to go to Aeon instead because Aeon has a cinema too.

The 'Malaysian boat noodles' or its real name Eat & Repeat is one of the shop lots, opposite to Aeon. There are quite a number of choices you can make from. To be honest the food was okay to me. I don't really favour the mee rebus and mee celup, but mee bandung was quite good.

Here's the menu. Yup, each bowl is RM1.90. The portion is a bit more than Boat Noodles. Probably because they use the usual yellow noodles, thicker than Boat Noodles ones.

As you can see in the photo down below, here's the food that we ordered yesterday. 

1. Mee celup
2. Mee kari
3. Nasi putih ayam cincang
4. Pulut mangga
5. Brownies with ice cream
6. cendol
7. Mee bandung
8. Mee celup
9. Mee rebus

Here are some zoomed-in photos.

Rate: 6/10

While eating, we remembered that we were supposed to check the showtime for Bad Genius. I noticed Ummi just changed her phone. I wanted to Google for GSC showtimes, but the phone was locked with a 4-space passcode. Obviously, my thumbprint wasn't saved so I couldn't access using the fingerprint sensor. I asked her the passcode to get access. 

Mi, apa password kau?

I keyed in the code and the phone was unlocked. My next action was halted by the lingering thoughts in my mind. Why 1204? Her birthday is on first of November. Maybe, it's someone special's birthday? Her crush probably? So, I asked her.

Mi, kenapa 1204? Nak kata birthday kau, bukan.
Oh, tu 12 April tarikh aku beli phone ni. 

It was my first time knowing someone puts the date she bought the phone as her phone passcode. I laughed like crazy upon hearing that, and I teased her of course because I thought it was someone's birthday haha. It's quite interesting to know how people make up passcodes and passwords. Especially when creating password needs certain requirements; special character, capital letter, number, etc. For me myself, I have a lot of passcodes and passwords, which most of the times, are so random, so I quite understand that. 

Anyway, just to make sure there's no one will secretly try to access her phone ...

1204 are not the real numbers. 


  1. haha special nya bg dia tarikh dia beli hp,,dulu masa mkn eat repeat,byk menu nasi je,skrg dah betambah menu mee dia

    1. Haha itu lah dia ni memang ada ada je idea kreatif. Ohh Dylla pulak first time makan Eat & Repeat tu. Tak pernah tahu kewujudannya before this. Itu pun sebab kawan ni lah yang ajak haha

  2. tak ramai dah kot letak tarikh birthday as passcode~~ my bro letak the last digits of his ic no. lagi tuh XD susah nak hafal

  3. Moga persahabatan kalian terus berkekalan.
    Terliur nampak food!


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