Someone Licked Me In The Middle of The Night

Yes. Someone licked me at 3am in the morning and I was so shocked! 

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you'd probably know that I have 2 naughty cats at home. 

Meet Ivar and Renji. 

IVAR; 10 months old 

RENJI; 5 months old

We first met Ivar in a car shop. She was so small that time. Small and wet. Sobri and I were just talking about getting a cat in the car. So when this small tiny kitten approached me out of a sudden when I was sitting on a couch, I felt like it was a fate. I convinced Sobri that we should bring this kitten home. Sobri tried to pet her and she immediately licked Sobri's hand. She won our hearts and we decided to adopt her. It happened on 7th of November and she was about 1 month that time. 

On 29th May, when Ivar was about 7 months old, we decided to adopt another kitten since Ivar looked lonely. After going high and low searching for a kitten, we found one. It was the day where we met Renji. He was about 2 months that time. 

Ever since we have both of them, our lives change quite a lot especially mine. When Sobri is not at home, I don't feel lonely anymore. Their presence lightens up the house even though at times they can be quite annoying; play with water, bite each other, run here and there at night, etc, but adopting them is one of my best life decision.

Sobri is currently in SWAT Covid team, so a few days ago he had to be in the hospital for the night shift. Usually I was the one who has to be in the hospital during night shift, so it felt so different when I was the one who was left. Sobri has oncall once every 2-3 weeks but he only needs to go to the hospital when there's a case they refer to him, so he never leaves me alone at night. 

That night I went to bed quite early. I let my bedroom door opened so that Ivar and Renji can come in whenever they want (and takde lah takut sangat rasa ada kucing teman hehe). Ivar awal awal dah give up. I guess she dislikes being cold. Renji comfortably snugged in beside me and stayed all night long. He seemed knowing that I was alone and needed a company. 

I was able to sleep safe and sound until I felt rough wet thing on my face. I opened my eyes and were so shocked! Renji was licking my face! I thought I was already late. I looked at my watch. It was 3am in the morning! I told Renji to get back to sleep but he keeps meowing and went here and there. I was too sleepy to brain what he wanted, so I fell back asleep and eventually Renji got back to bed as well. 

Around 5.30am, my alarm clock went off. I turned to my side and saw this..

It was Renji! He was such a big good boy, teman mommy sampai pagi hehe. 

Ivar as usual sleeping on her favourite spot, atas kerusi meja makan haha. 

Do you guys have any cats? What are their names? I would loveeee to know hehe


  1. Gelak part dia kejut jam 3am hahaha so cutelah your cat! I pun ada kucing. Adopting stray cat. I named her Chomel. Memang comel tapi banyak akal 😂

  2. Comelnya both of them! Unfortunately I takde kucing tapi selalu main-main dengan kucing jiran. Baguslah ada yang meneman, takdela lonely.

    1. Alhamdulillah. Itu lah at least rasa macam ada gang teman hehe


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