Nov 5, 2015

"It Is Okay To Fall." I smiled.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Despite of the fact that here is already 5.20 am and my brain is extremely tired, but my eyes are still wide awake, I just finished researching and printing for PBL, watching the video for thyroid examination for tomorrow's CSU session and skimming through the lecture notes, while waiting for the Subuh prayer. A lot of things going on, with a bundle of journals and articles to be read for research and assignments, clinic and hospital postings documents to be settled, and getting myself ready and be prepared for the upcoming end of semester exam that I have to pass, if not, had to repeat another semester. Too many things, short little time.

2 days ago while I was sitting with Ibu in front of the television, Ibu told me that one of her friends since high school is having thyroid cancer, but not sure which stage is she at. This is something I like about Medicine. I can relate what I learn with daily issues, whether it's about illnesses or health. Even tengok movie pun boleh relate hahaha sounds so nerdy, sorry! Anyway, I recalled back to the lecture, which I had earlier before; a lecture on 'Structure of Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands'. Dr. JP was the one who taught us. In between the slides, he told us some cases and his experiences as a medical doctor, and almost everyone was listening to him attentively, except for students like me who was trying to stay awake by bulatkan mata besar besar, which of course, didn't really help. Though I was kinda sleepy, with eyes almost shut and Tiara who sat beside me trying to wake me up, I managed to catch few important points.

Dr. JP told us about one of her patients (which her details were not told as they're private and confidential) who just fell down and had a bruise on her hip, which was supposedly to resolve in a few weeks time, but the bruise got worse and Dr. JP decided to 'open up' the woman's body and take out all the blood clot etc, basically to reduce the bruise. They found out that there were some thyroid tissues in her hip! Apparently the woman had thyroid cancer, but never knew it before as she was asymptomatic (no symptoms or signs) and her thyroid gland looked normal in size. If she didn't fall down, no one would know she had thyroid cancer and it'd only be detected once it gets into further stages.

Dr. JP ended his story with..

 "So, it is okay to fall."

I smiled.

Fall keeps your feet on the ground.
Fall makes you know who'd always be by your side.
Fall makes you realise who'd do anything to make you feel better.
Fall reminds you that this world is not a wish-granting factory and this life is not a fairy tale.
Fall teaches you something useful for you to not repeat in the future, in other word, it assists you to improve yourself and become someone better.

Last but not least, fall reminds you that no matter what has happened, turn back to Allah SWT, to whom you should ask for help, and will eventually make you realise that everything happens for a reason and to Him you should have your faith in. Be grateful if things occur according to His plans, though you still haven't known the reason yet, because He knows best.

Yes. It is okay to fall.

Good morning and have a nice day :)


  1. Jatuh bangun itu sudah lumrahnya dunia ini. Tanpa ribut petir dan hujan tidak akan muncul pelanginya.
    Tanpa ulat beluncas tidak akan ada rama rama terbang indah warna warni.

  2. Very very true. It's okay to fall. U get the oppurtunity to pick up 'the pieces' by yourself :)

  3. bila jatuh jugak baru kita faham macam mana perasaan/rasa kawan2 kita yg pernah jatuh..

    1. Betul tu, biasalah hidup kan kadang kadang kita kat atas, kadang kadang kat bawah :)

  4. tak pe yg penting jgn mudah menyerah kalah

  5. once you make it to your point of making it, you'll appreciate the struggle but if you don't manage to make it, you'll ask yourself why didn't you work harder but sadly, it's already too late. You have just missed the boat. I looked at him and asked, but there will always be another boat rite? He turned away and said, as long as you work hard and never give up, there will always be a boat waiting for you. It is just the matter of when.....macam dkt post Dr Bajatx ni..never give up💪💪💪