Foodylla @ Celop Celop (Satay Celup Warisan), Melaka

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Ever since I saw a long queue of people lining up along the roadside to enter a small restaurant called Capitol Satay Celup in Bukit Cina, Melaka, I wonder what is satay celup. I thought satay is normal to be dipped (celup) in kuah kacang? I'd always wanted to try it. But unfortunately, it is non halal. My wish was buried until I found a restaurant called 'Celop Celop', while I was on my way to the new AEON. 

I had gone to this restaurant twice during weekdays, but never stepped out of the car because I doubted whether or not to try as I could see no one (sebab tak nampak kat dalam sangat) and the ambiance seemed not friendly and attractive enough. Lawa je cuma dari jauh nampak gelap sikit haha.

Yesterday, I went out with my sister, Ica and cousins. After a couple of minutes asking 'Nak makan mana' and got jawapan 'Tak kisah', we finally decided a place to eat, Celop Celop! Or its other name, Satay Celup Warisan.

Got from Mr. Google

Satay celup or steamboat satay is a famous dish in Melaka where a variety of skewed meat, seafood and vegetables are dipped into a hot boiling satay gravy. Ohhh I thought satay celup is made up of meats like the normal satay, but it's actually like the normal steamboat but the differences are the ingredients are skewed and dipped in satay gravy instead of the usual soup and tom yam. Now I know haha.

We picked a table and a menu was given.

This is one of the pages inside the menu

As you can see in the above photo, you can choose either set or buffet. The four of us were not too hungry, so we ordered the family set. There are a few changes. I guess this menu I got from their website is the old one. Like for the family set that we chose, we were given 30 cucuk satay, 3 scoops of ice cream and 3 glasses of drinks. If you were not in the mood to eat satay celup, there are a variety of other food choices that you can order; fried rice, noodles, tom yam, asam pedas, etc.

Suhailah and I went to the fridge where they stored the satay and chose 30 cucuks for the 4 of us.

Mmmm nyum nyum! I never thought it would be a good combination to eat steamboat ingredients with satay gravy, nonetheless it worked well! The gravy was a lil bit spicy for me, but the taste was nice! Makan panas panas tambah pula dengan kepedasan kuah kacang pehhh. Suddenly, I feel hungry haha.

Celop Celop is situated in the new area buildings, near the AEON Bandaraya Melaka. You can easily find it using Waze by just typing 'Celop Celop Melaka' in the search box.

A few more details about this restaurant;
Tax: No
Service: Warm and helpful. Orders are served, except for the steamboat ingredients, you have to take them by yourself.
Ambience: Casual.
Air-conditioner: No.
Parking : Ample, even during holidays as it's a newly developed area.
Payment: Eat first, then pay the bill. 

Address: No.6, Jalan Lagenda 3, Taman 1 Lagenda (N 2.21193' E 102.24695'), 75400 Melaka
Opening hours: 12.00pm - 11.00pm
Phone number: 0136600892

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  1. bestnya!!!

    jemput singgah di Blog kita tau, kita ada buat GA...
    jangan lupe join, support & tolong sebarkan (^_^)

  2. baru tahu. nanti nak cube lah. tahnks for sharing

  3. Assallammuallaikum..salam ukhuwah dari Indonesia.

  4. Sekarang ni kat Melaka ada macam2 tempat makan best. Pilih je nak yang mana :)

    1. Haah itu lah. Bila kawan kawan pergi baru sedar kewujudan tempat tempat makan camni hehe

  5. Ingatkan kedai apa celop-celop ni. Rupanya ala-ala steamboat. Sedapnya. Murah pun murah. Bpleh try la lepas ni ^_^

    1. Haah itu lah. Memula ingatkan cam restoran biasa je rupanya steamboat. Sedappp! and unik sbb guna kuah kacang


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