4D3N Krabi Budget Trip (Day 1 Part 2) - Night Market

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

 …continue from THE ARRIVAL.

I slept for 2 hours that evening. It was still not enough for us to compensate the night that we stayed awake. Nonetheless, without any further delay or we might end up back to sleep, we got ready to go to Krabi Town immediately. Intentionally, I chose Sunday as the first day so that we have a chance to wander around in the night market. The night market in Krabi Town is only available on weekend nights, if I’m not mistaken it starts from 6.00pm till 9.30pm. Memula cam pening fikir nak naik apa. Nak guna MyTeksi tak boleh pula haha. Taking a mini van would cost us 800baht for a round trip, while tuk tuk 600baht. Can save about RM20, so we chose tuk tuk. Almaklumlah, budget trip haha. The night market is in Krabi Town, and it took about 25 minutes for us to arrive by a tuk tuk. Naik tuk tuk rasa macam habis kering muka kena angin all the time punya pasal haha.

Night market is on the right side (yellow-big umbrellas)

In the night market, they sell a variety of delicious food, unique souvenirs, uh-mazing art crafts, etc.

Ada sesiapa nak rasa belangkas? But, its appearance is quite scary haha. I always wonder can we Muslims eat belangkas? I just checked by google-ing 'hukum memakan belangkas' and found this..

"Hukum memakan daging/isi dan telur belangkas adalah diharuskan."

Ohhh. Now I know. I assume this belangkas lives like a turtle. Marni told us when she was a kid, she always ate belangkas eggs and they tasted delicious. Tapi, cemana nak makan belangkas ni ye. Mushkil pula Dylla haha. Maybe we have to kopek it like a crab, I guess. Maybe. Haha 

Sobri bought air kelapa for 20baht (~RM2). I almost bought the air kelapa as well, but then Marni called me, saying there was a coconut ice cream stall just next to the air kelapa stall. Yeay, this is what I want! Each half-shell filled with coconut ice cream was 35baht. I accidentally bargained over the ice cream price hmm mana ada orang nego harga food -.- I bet they must think I was being a cheapskate haha.

Kedai jual ais krim kelapa

Sobri tamak nak dua dua haha

Is it hard to find halal food at the night market? 

Nope. It is not. I am quite particular about this matter. There are a lot of Muslims who sell food there, so you need no worry. If you don't care buying food from non-Muslims, make sure you ask first because some of them sell non-halal food. 

This stall sells delicious chicken curry pau! I bought 2 sticks of crab and 1 stick of sausage (each 10bhat). Nyumnyum! 

And this is a pancake stall! In Krabi, pancake is somehow kinda like 'roti canai' in Malaysia. Ala ala macam roti canai pisang camtu. But the difference is, here you can choose to add chocolate! Mmmmm banana and chocolate, yummy! Such a good combo though. Sobri and I bought banana+nutella pancake (50baht), while Audi and Marni bought banana+chocolate pancake (40baht). 

The photo below shows a fruit juice stall. You can choose either a type of fruit only or mixed one, according to your own preference! On the left side, as you can see, there are cups contain different types of yogurt with jelly. If you prefer yogurt only without any fruits, you can also get it at this stall. 

Like I said, the night market is a perfect place to find food and also souvenirs. I suggest you to include one night for night market in your itinerary especially if you plan to find souvenirs for your family and friends. 

These soap flowers in the photo below are a handmade product and crafted by the woman herself. I notice in this night market, most art crafts are handmade and they even show how to make the art crafts in front of the crowd. 

Handmade soap flower

The souvenir shop where I bought small-cute-pretty tote bags. 

Muka happy dapat makan and shopping barang

We also stopped by at a stall selling T-shirt at a cheap price and we tried to bargain to get cheaper price haha. But the aunty wrongly counted our T-shirt and despite of getting a cheap price, we paid more actually haha. Another advice, make sure you count whatever you buy by yourself. 

Make sure you bargain for a lower price than the stated one. Macam kitorang, we bought 7 keychains. The stated price was 100baht for 3. So, we tried to negotiate the 7 keychains for 200baht and after awhile pujuk rayu, we got it. That's another tip. Always bargain over goods haha. 

Balik hotel lapar. Buat maggi pula.

End of Day 1.

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  1. tengok foods, lapar.. tanam hajat nak pi Krabi berkurun dah, tapi tak sampai2.. ish2

  2. meremang bulu roma tengok belangkas tu hahaha XD nice entry kak dylla. tempat wajib pergi kalau ada rezeki pergi krabi hihi

    1. Kannn? Saya pun memula dulu takut belangkas sbb a bit cam lipas haha. Thank you Fieyqa!

  3. Wah,bestnya pergi bercuti. Oversea pulak tu. Hehe. Tak pernah makan belangkas. Macam mana rasanya eh? :D

    1. Dylla pun tak pernah makan belangkas haha kawan cakap kalau telur belangkas tu rasa sedap lebih kurang rasa macam telur biasa cuma kecik kecik haha

  4. macam macam kaler. macam macam jenis makanan ada!! hoiiiiii mujur tak meleleh ailio kalau tidak siap dilla!! hahahaha. belangkas tu dari uwais teringin nak makan tapi tak dapat2 yang dah siap masak. nak beli yang belum masak tak reti nak masak dia. silap masak nanti jadi racun pulak huuu

    1. *lariii* hahaha. Belangkas? Yekeee, haaa masak lah Kak Kira. Kalau dah masak pos lah ke Melaka hehehe.

  5. Replies
    1. Saya pulak tak sempat beli haritu. Nasib kawan bawak banyak haha

  6. Akak kalau pergi night market begini rambang mata...rasa nak beli semua!

  7. Akak berkenan tengok bunga sabun tu,...cantiknya!

  8. Wah! New info about that belangkas. So nice! I laugh when i see the last photo. Maggi amat diperlukan saat terdesakk :D

  9. belangkas??????? errrr... ESKEM??? KELAPA?????? slurppp!!!!!!!!!!!!


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