4D3N Krabi Budget Trip (Day 4) - Kayaking

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Hope you guys won't get bored with my Krabi posts. I better post everything while I still remember before it turns to chunks and fragments, which are hardly to be combined. Who knows, this post might be useful for those who need it, ye dak? 

It was our fourth and last day in Krabi. Luckily I had packed most of the things the night before as we had to check out early in the morning. We checked out around 8.30am and asked for a permission from the owner of Luna House to leave our bags first because I bet they won't provide any lockers later. The owner agreed to let us leave our bags behind the counter in the lobby area.

Tuk tuk taxi fetched us at 9.30am and it took 1 hour to arrive at the kayaking place. The tour guide gave us waterproof bag to put our gadgets and valuable stuff. We left our empty bags in a room where they kept the life jackets and other properties. The place is quite convenient as they provide ladies and gents, some benches, a restaurant and a small shop where you can buy snacks and drinks. Sobri bought a packet of Oreo and a bottle of mineral water for us 4 as we hadn't had our breakfast that morning.

We were given a demonstration and explanation about the kayak, the route, the safety, etc. You can choose whether you wanna use the life jacket or not. To be safe, we decided to wear the life jacket and each one of us took it together with the paddle before heading to our kayaks. The last time I went for kayaking was when I was in primary school, during standard 4 if I'm not mistaken.

We paddled approximate 7km from the start to the end point. It was a long long long way to go. We started from the sea, then we went into the mangrove swamp, where the monkeys and crickets and insects live.

In the sea.

Sorry for the slanted horizontal line.

Just entered the mangrove swamp.

There were real monkeys in the mangrove swamp. They seemed really naughty and looked like they might hop into our kayaks at any time! While I was freaking out, the others especially the orang putihs appeared to adore them haha. We also passed through The Canyon, Crocodile Cave, etc. Though its name is Crocodile Cave, there's no crocodile there according to the sea kayak guide as he himself has never seen one. It's just a story passed from one generation to another generation. 

 Gigih betul my best friends mendayung.

While waiting for Audi and Marni.

The four of us!

Into the mangrove swamp. Literally.

The life jacket was too big for me. Or maybe because my legs are longer than my torso. Tenggelamlah daku di dalam jaket~~~

This is where they call 'The Canyon'.

Ardilla and her pink paddle.

Audi also tenggelam in her life jacket haha ada geng.

Excuse my gedebak-sunburnt-and-oily face.

Almost reached to the end!

7km of paddling and my hands were sore. Acehh, gaya cakap macam dayung banyak haha. At the end of the long-journey paddling, we ate some fruits while sitting on the bench provided, waiting for our tuk tuk to fetch and send us back to Luna House. The ride was somewhat bumpy, but I managed to fall asleep. We had our lunch at the Kedai Makan rakan, as usual, and at 3.30pm we went to the airport by van (500baht) that we had booked on the day before. The airport is 40minutes away from the Luna House.

Naik flight yada yada and...

arrived in Malaysia at 8.30pm.

P/s: Gonna post our trip video later, so stay tuneeedddd!

More photos;


  1. Tak pernah cuba kayak sebab takut tenggelam. Huhu. But the best thing is, dapat tengok scenery yang best-best :D

    1. Fahammm. Tu pasai kitorang awal awal dah ambil life jacket haha. Yup scenery lawa!

  2. Waaahhh! best namateeyyy.. jelesnyee sesapa yg boleh travel..sya kat sini busy dgn segala benda! huhu~~~

    awak suka laki kaya tak? mata duitan ke..utk kepentingan masa depan? kalau laki kaya..boleh travel! hahahaha..jom share pendapat di blog sya plk...hiks!

    1. Hahaha tak pernah pulak terfikir untuk cari lelaki kaya. Yang penting lelaki tu boleh jaga saya sampai ke tua hehe. Saya akan cari duit untuk travel dan tidak mengharap kat lelaki semata mata :)

  3. Krabi, Krabi, mung tunggu aku datang....hehehe

    Bestnyer aktiviti kat sana.

    Nanti, jemput join myliferia giveaway ye :)

  4. i saw some kayaking that requires to go thru some cave and they even need to lay flat in order to go thru, not sure if is the same with yours?

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  5. Kat mana area kayak ni?? Apa nama tempat dia?? Kitorang nak pergi 19-21 nov niii ����

    1. Hm saya pun tak sure sbb saya book kayak dari Ao Nang. Sorry :/

  6. Teringin nak beraktiviti macam ni tapi Sab takut air. Tengok gambar ni je dah meremang bulu roma plus berair mata. Hurmm

  7. It looks so Easy and Interesting. But when I kayaking, Its soo tired! Seriously sampai biar kayak tu gerak sendiri. hahaha. dasar pemalas

    1. Hahaha sameeee. Saya pun ada point yang malas dah nak dayung so kawan yang dayung kan haha

  8. superb la.. jarang2 sekali tgk view dri sudut org berkayak

  9. Pergi kayak basah tak? Balik perlu salin baju tak? Berapa lama kayak 7km tu ye?

    1. Basah sikit part seluar tapi kitorang tak salin pun. Tahu tahu kering sendiri. Lama jugakk haha tak ingat sorryyy


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