6 Things To Do After Getting SPM Result

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

First of all I wanna congratulate those who got good results in SPM.
For those who didn't, don't worry!
SPM is not the end of your life, and you still have lots of chances to go further!

Just now someone asked me, "Nak buat apa eh lepas dapat result SPM ni."
Then I thought hmm maybe I can share something based on my past experience.
So down here are few things that I manage to list out.

1.  What are the options? 
The first thing that you can do is to list down all the options that you have.
Here are some examples, but make sure to do further research if you're interested as what written here might have changed.

Foundation Programmes
There are two types of foundation programmes:

1) Developed internally by colleges and universities for students with wish to continue on to a diploma or degree programme in the same institution.
But you still can go to other universities for degree programme.
Duration: 1-2 years

2) Developed by foreign/overseas universities for students who want to carry on their studies in the same university here or abroad.
These programmes are more specific and doing well in them guarantees students a place in these institutions.
Duration: 1-2 years

STPM (Form 6)
It is a course that offered by a number of secondary schools in Malaysia.
Not every schools has this course.
Students sit for Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) exam at the end of this course.
Duration: 1.5 years

The GCE Advanced (A) Levels is a pre-university qualification that is accepted by most universities worldwide.
Usually for those who plan to go UK will take A-Level.
There are two UK examination boards for A levels in Malaysia: the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Edexcel.
It is conducted in English and students select a minimum of three subjects.
Intake: January or July
Duration: 1.5 or 2 years

During my time, I took 4 Sc subjects which were Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as I planned to further my degree in Medicine (Alhamdulillah I'm studying Medicine now).
Some of my friends take diff combo such as Accounting, Economics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics.
Mostly students will take 4 subjects because the extra subject can backup if one of the other 3 does not meet the university qualification.
If you're confident enough or maybe you just wanna focus on 3 subjects, then go ahead :)
I suggest you to draft a bit what are your future plan if you already confirm wanna take A-Level (What you wanna be? What subjects you have interest in? and so on) as this may help you to determine what's the combo that you should go for.
There's a friend of mine who took Sc subjects during A-Level and now she's taking Foundation in Art something bcs she just realised she likes art more than sciences!

Local Matriculation
For SPM holders who plan to further study in local universities.
Duration: 1 or 2 years (Depends on SPM result. My friend told me that 1 year for 4A and above & 2 years for below 4A)

Diploma Courses
Handled by pihak universiti sendiri.
Courses in diploma usually are already specific.
One of the advantages of taking diploma is bila nak sambung degree for the same course senang because time diploma dah belajar dah intro subjects apa semua.
But usually you have to take lots of paperssss (as what told by my best friend, Ummi).
Duration: 2-3 years

American Degree Programme
A programme for students who wish to study at American universities.
You can decide to pursue your studies overseas after studying one or two years locally in a private college and the remaining years in the American university of your choice.
Duration: 4 years

Certificate or Short Courses
Offered by institutions on a full-time or part-time basis in a variety of subjects from computers to English.
Duration: 1 month to 1 year

Yeah there are few other types of pre-uni which I didn't mention; IB, Canadian Pre-University & Matriculation, Australian Matriculation etc.
And like what I 've said, maybe you think your SPM result is very bad but actually you still can go further!
If tak dapat tempat asasi, matriks etc, boleh join short courses, sijil or maybe kolej komuniti.
After that boleh sambung diploma or asasi ke apa.
What you have to do is to sit down, relax and plan.
Ask for your family and relatives opinions.
And listen to your heart (acece).

2.  Complete your UPU application
This is one of the most important thing.
Jangan jangan and jangan lupa isi UPU!
My sister's friend forgot to fill her UPU form because dia ingat UPU ni tak berapa penting.
UPU is very important as it is one of the platforms to further your study in pre-university.

3.  Scholarships
Search for available scholarships and what are the requirements.
Some scholarships that you can apply are JPA, MARA, Khazanah, Sime Darby, Telekom, Astro etc.
Find out their advantages and disadvantages.
Always alert with their datelines.
Settle everything including documents, passport photos and stuffs as early as possible so that you won't kelam kabut.

4.  Buy a file
Buy a file? For what?
Yes, buy a file and put everything in a file.
Your certificates, achievements, results.
So that when you wanna apply for any scholarship or university, you can straightly give.
Tak payah susah susah cari celah-celah kotak yang berhabuk! Haha

5.  Driving license
Haaa yang tak ambil lagi pi lah ambil.
Btw, driving lesson was one of the worst experiences I've ever had.
Kena marah, siap fail lagi tu kahkah!
Tapi bila dah dapat lesen.. vroom vrooommmm! Hehe

6.  Join an English Class
This one is not really necessary especially if you're already fluent in English.
To join an English class is really helpful.
Some of us maybe can write very well but not in speaking.
Joining an English class may increase your communication skill and widen you vocabulary.

Yeah so this is it.
These are what I can think of right now.
Will add later if anything comes across my mind.

The choice is in your hand :)

Ps: If you have any questions regarding MOE Bursary, A-Level or INTI International University, feel free to ask.


  1. akak dlu lepas habis SPM terus kena masuk PLKN hihihi. lepas tu baru ambik sijil komputer. tak sambung belajar sebab faktor kewangan family sama. kita tak berapa pandai tak dapat scholarship pun. niat dah masuk kerja baru nak sambung belajar dengan hasil duit titik peluh. insyaAllah paling lambat tahun depan kot nak sambung belajar. doakan akak kuat semangat tau hihihihi

    1. Saya pun kena pergi PLKN! Hehe best kannn? Wahhh bagusnya akak!!! Saya respect sangat dengan semangat akak, saya pun rasa bersemengat sekali! :D InshaaAllah saya doakan akak sentiasa bersemangat and tak putus asa! Aminnnnn. Good luck tau kak! :)

  2. perkongsian yang baik untuk adik2 kat luar sana.. :)

    salam kenal dear ardilla

  3. info yg sangat berguna! sharing ye ^_^

  4. good info.. akak amek toefl lebur ahahaha.. x guna smpai dah expired =P


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