Throwback Italy (Day 5) - Roman Forum & Colosseum

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Here I am again, posting about my journey to Italy.
Mula dah Dylla ni pepagi dah post pasal Italy dia tu.
Hehe sorry!

(16th June 2010, Wednesday)

It was a Wednesday.
(Well, obviously you've stated above, Dylla hmm).
Najja and I were wearing a shawl when suddenly Caterina came in and showed a Pashmina to us.
Oh, I almost forgot.
That day we would visit the Mosque of Rome.
So, the Italians had to wear politely and cover their head.
Caterina asked us was it okay if she wears a shawl.
Of course, it's okay.
Anyone can wear a shawl :)

And then we went to the mosque, which took about 1 hour to arrive there.
The one who kept the mosque in good condition explained about the history of the mosque.
We listened to him attentively.
Budak skema kan, rasa macam pertandingan pulak siapa paling skema, haha!
And then, he called a STAR student to do a demonstration.
If I'm not mistaken, Azri kena laungkan azan.

On that day, we wore our colourful written "When In Rome" t-shirts and my t-shirt was pink!
I was a pink addict back then, ceh macam sekarang tak je :p

From the mosque we continued our journey to the Roman Forum.
Here are some photos I managed to capture while walking to that place.
Such a beautiful scenery with nice buildings around, still can be recalled in my mind!

A stranger head out of nowhere..

Here are some facts about the Roman Forum.
The forum was a big open space at the center of most Roman cities.
People met there to settle their business, sell and buy things, see their friends, find out about what was happening from the news, and even go to school.
Usually the Forum had a stone pavement for people to walk along.
And there were fancy buildings such as temples, basilicas, and sometimes stores (shops).
In some cities the Forum had a platform which was called the Rostra in it and people could stand on to deliver speeches.
Besar and luas tempat ni!
Sempat main kejar kejar, lompat lompat and sembunyi sembunyi haha okay tipu je.

Then we went to the Colosseum.
The real name of the Colosseum was the Flavian Amphitheatre.
The Colosseum was a place where hundreds of years ago, this place was for battles between human and human and between human and animals.
Macam dalam movie lah kot :O
The vast majority of the combatants who fought in front of Colosseum audiences in Ancient Rome were men (though there were some female gladiators).
Gladiators were generally slaves, prisoners of war or condemned criminals.
One way to avoid line is to buy your tickets online.
And make sure bangun awal pagi sbb tak ramai sangat.
Baru lah seronok lari lari ambil gambar sana sini.
Nak acah jadi monyet panjat sana sini pun takpe hehe.

We had to stay in a hot weather at the Roman Forum and Colosseum.
Because it was Summer, the weather in the Roman Forum and Colosseum was really, really hot.
Hotter than Malaysia I bet, but of course can't beat my 'hotness'.
Okay boleh muntah sekarang. Haha!
But, it didn’t stop us from learning the history of the historical buildings and places there.
I really enjoyed my time there, and to look those antique architectural buildings brought a great excitement in me.

Time tu noob lagi pasal horizontal line in photography -.-"

Ewah, ehhh~

We boarded into the bus and just went along with the flow.
Tak tahu pun bas tu nak pergi mana, main ikut je.
As the bus slowed down, I could see the signboard written ‘Fashion District’.
The bus stopped and Ms Adzu said that we could shop here for about an hour.
Amboi dengar je the word 'shopping' haaa terus berdesup hilang.
We entered almost every shop in the Fashion District.
I bought many things here hmm couldn’t stop myself from buying this and that.
We were very thrilled and for that reason we kept saying the word ‘Shopaholic’ every time we talked about anything sepanjang berjalan haha.
I bought a vest, a pair of shoes, a bottle of perfume, a sweater, T-shirts, handbags for ibu and I etc.
We were late about 5 minutes.
We rushed to get into the bus.
As we stepped the stairs to get into the bus, the other delegates took our picture and gave us a big applause.
Kuangasam betui depa ni hahaha.

Najja and I (at behind, segan nak tengok camera hehe tipu)

As we arrived home, my nose seemed to detect a pleasing smell.
Our foster mom cooked a lot of extra large pizzas.
Today we were going to have dinner with Caterina’s uncle, aunt and cousins.
They were very kind!
I didn’t finish my pizzas yet, but they already asked me to eat another one haha.
After pizza, we ate mozzarella cheese, French fries, and potato with cheese.
Yes, our foster mom was a good cook, eh no I mean 'is'.
Of course she is still a good cook until now :)

After dinner, Caterina, Najja and I went out to a park which was just a stone thrown away.
The teachers wanted to meet us and check our modules.
They brainwashed us a bit for not being punctual.
Biasalah perempuan, cakap 10 minit tapi setengah jam tak sampai lagi.
Okay kena berubah! Acece Dylla.
After that, Mone, Najja and I asked Esther (Mone's foster family) to dance for us.
Yes, she’s a good dancer.
Can't deny it.

End of Day 5

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  1. Best nyer..
    kalaulah ada duit berkepok-kepok...
    dah lama terbang pergi ni...tapi tak tau bila leh pergi.

  2. senibina dia semua menarik . terutama colosseum . mesti lain perasaan bila tengok depan mata kan

  3. tengok bangunan macam lebih kurang sama saja kan.. tapi dah namanya tempat orang..
    ceruk mana pun menarik..

    ada masjid best best.. akak nye impian gak nak jejak masjid di ngara orang..
    memperbanyakkan tinggalan tapak kaki dalam masjid.. ehehe..

  4. Yang batu2 tu binaannya masih kat situ kan, walaupun dah berapa abad. Kukuh elok je berdiri. Subhanallah.

    1. Yup betul tu. Dari zaman empayar rom time tengah gemilang lagi

  5. terfana kejap tgk batu2 kat situ kan سُبْحَانَ اللّه (Subhanallah)


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