Throwback Italy (Day 3) - Vatican City & Trevi Fountain

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Shall we continue our throwback session? Hehe

(14th June 2010, Monday)

After we had prepared and got ourselves ready, we went out of the room and joined our foster family for breakfast.
Macam segan lah pula nak keluar bilik pi breakfast dengan baju tidur and muka selebet baru bangun tidur kan haha.
Chocolate milk had always been my favourite since the day 1 and today our foster mom gave us some cereal with yoghurt!
It was my very first time eating cereal with yoghurt.
Kat rumah biasa makan dengan low fat milk je :/
I kept asking for more because the fact that I love yoghurt and it was really delicious.
After that, Caterina told us that she couldn't join us for today's trip to Rome because she and Edoardo had to practice for tonight's theatre.
Our foster dad, Aldo sent us to the school and we went to Rome by bus.

Rome was very beautiful.
Tak berkelip mata pandang sekeliling, rasa rugi if terlepas pandang even 1 sec.
The first place we visited was Vatican Museums.
Vatican Museums are museums of the Vatican City and they contain masterpieces of painting, sculpture, statues and other kind of art which are collected by popes through the centuries.
We paid full attention to the tour guide as she explained about the history behind every statues and paintings on the wall.
One of the museums is the Sistine Chapel.
In the chapel, we could see the painting of ‘The Last Judgments’ which was painted by Michelangelo.

Sorry for spamming this entry with lots of photos.
Did I tell you I love photography?
Though I'm not really good at it hehe :p
After the whole 3-hour-tour in the Vatican Museum, we decided to stop in a park to rest our feet and minds for awhile.
Our foster family had packed us some food for lunch.
We also performed our prayers there.
Obviously, there was neither a mosque nor surau so we had to find a suitable place to solat.
Jumpa lah satu tempat macam turun bukit sikit.
Ambil wudhuk pun kat paip yang ada dalam kawasan taman tu, nasib baik lah ada juga paip.
Tbh, it's better if pakai baju menutup aurat (longgar and tutup sepenuhnya) siap siap so that you don't have to worry if you forget to bring a telekung :)

Before going to fountains, we went to the stalls by stalls to buy some stuffs for our families and friends.
I bought some t-shirts and souvenirs for them.
And then we continued our journey to Piazza Navona, Piazza Colonna and also Fountain de Trevi (Fountain of Love).
Almost every tourist who goes to Rome will find their way to this Fountain de Trevi at least once.
There's a myth behind this fountain.
One of the Italians who guided us gave Najja and me a coin to toss into the fountain and make a wish.
She said if our wishes come true, we might be coming back to Rome.
Then she gave each one of us a coin.
For Muslims, we shouldn’t belief things like this.
I still threw that coin, but only for fun.
At least bila pergi balik nanti boleh lah cakap "Haa sini lah yang aku campak 1 sen tu" haha.
If I'm not mistaken, every night they will collect the coins (around 3000 Euros per day).

While we were taking photos, Rebecca called us to have dinner at Pizzeria.
Perempuan kan, kalau ambil gambar haaa setiap sudut nak ambil.
Apa lagi I ni yang memang suka ambil gambar scenery and buildings haa lagi lah rasa cam nak lekat je duduk situ sepanjang hari hehe.
We went to the Pizzeria and I ate a slice of potato pizza.
After that we went to the theatre where Caterina, Caterina Maggi and Edoardo would show their acting skill.
Though we couldn't really understand, but we enjoyed the show.
We went back to Colleferro and arrived about 1 am.

End of Day 3.

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  1. omg I wish that I can go to Rome one day. By looking at ur photos pun dah boleh tahu how beautiful it is kan :'D doakan kita dapat travel like you ok!

    1. Saya pun dah lama tak travel macam ni :( Okay InshaaAllah one day kita dua dapat travel jejauh amin!

  2. ini yang seronok ada journal kan kita ingat setiap perkara yang jadi masa lepas2 hihihi

    1. Betul tu. Bila ada blog lagi senang haaa InshaaAllah tak hilang hehe

  3. Cereal + yogurt ??? First timd dengar ni, boleh try bagi kat my baby ni. Hihi

    1. Haah kat sana siap ada jual dlm pack kecik kecik cereal and yoghurt hehe. Try lah nanti, kalau jadi buat share tau hihi

  4. sonoknya dok zaman lampau dh gayanya...

    1. Haah Kak Zai. Saya pun rasa macam tu especially bila masuk museum apa semua.

  5. Akak memang pandaki ambik gambar. Lawa2 semuanya :D

  6. sparta ! ! hehee . best kan . teringin jugak nak pergi tempat2 bersejarah camni

    1. Haah best best! Bila ada tour guide and tahu pasal sejarah diorang lagi jadi best :)

  7. ahahaha teater kan ? diorang ajela yang faham ehehe..
    oowh akak tengok fountain tu dalam lizzie mcguire aje.. peeergh shari 3000euro dia kutip..
    xyah kerja kot dok aje situ malam2.. melampau!! ahahaha...

    bestlah mak angkat tu kuat masak.. akak pun suka miahaha..

  8. Salah satu tempat yang teringin sangat nak pergi...

  9. Ya Allah, tengok gambar pon dah suka. Rom memang salah satu list trip CJN. Tak taulah bila boleh pergi. uhuhuhu

    1. Saya pergi pun time dengan sekolah dulu CJN. Semoga ada rezeki CJN pergi sana, amin!

  10. One of the immense Historical Place in the World. Gonaa want to go here one day. Insha Allah


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