Throwback Italy (Day 4 Part 2) - Villa Adriana

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

This entry is the continuation from the previous post in which I told you about Villa D'Este.
After being mesmerised by the magnificent and beautiful fountains, we straight away went to Villa Adriana (The Hadrian's Villa).
The Villa Adriana which is also at Tivoli is an exceptional complex of classical buildings created in the 2nd century A.D. by the Roman emperor Hadrian.
It combines the best elements of the architectural heritage of Egypt, Greece and Rome in the form of an 'ideal city'.

Muka sekolah memang selekeh sikit (ke sekarang sama je? Haha!) 

There are many thermal baths that were used in ancient times.
We were very interested about the story behind the thermal bath.
(Rasa nerd lah juga pergi ke sana sini ikut je tour guide haha).
We ended our tour with Villa Adriana in a huge pool called Banquet Hall.
Our tour guide told us that during the ancient time, all VIPs ate in a private section and the waterfall acted as a curtain, so that people outside couldn’t see them clearly.
I bet this place was really luxurious hundreds years ago.
Sempat lagi terbayang acah acah princess then pakai gaun putih gerbang jalan kat tepi tepi hehe.

Maritime Theatre


We returned home earlier than other days before.
Najja and I decided to cook the ration that contained Malaysian food.
Before we cooked the rice and boiled the ration, we gave Caterina to try our traditional clothes.
Baju pinjam from sekolah haha.
Caterina was very excited and she kept saying that the clothes were very beautiful.

Caterina with her parents

After that, we were quite ‘kelam-kabut’ as we didn’t know how to cook rice.
Dah form 4 pun tak reti masak lagi time tu ish ish ish budak-budak zaman sekarang apa nak jadi ni haha.
I tried to call our teachers, but there was no answer.
Luckily, our foster mom helped us to cook the rice.
We worried that they would hate our food, but fortunately, they seemed to like it.
Aldo loves to eat rice.
After eating rice, we served them with tom yam Maggi.
Last minute plan nak masak for them aiyo Maggi pun boleh -.- haha
Then, our mom took out an apple pie that she made specially for us.
Seriously, it was very delicious!
Sedap sangat sangat tak cukup makan 1 slice hehe.

Then we apologised to them in case they disliked what we cooked just now.
Yelah lagipun guna ration (makanan dah siap, just panaskan) je bukannya masak betul betul pun tsk tsk.
They said that it was very delicious and Aldo said that he would be very happy if we could cook for him everyday.
Our foster mom was very touched and she started to cry.
I couldn’t stand to see people cry so, I cried too.

Tom yam Maggi pun jadi lah hehe

Strawberry with cream 

Delicious and scrumptious apple pie for dessert! 

After dinner we went to Edoardo’s house.
We were singing while Edoardo played the guitar.
Luca played the keyboard.
We also ate ice-creams and showed some cheerleading techniques and stunts to the Italians.

End of Day 4

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  1. baik betoi haaa dorg tu... alhamdulilah kita pun takde la rasa kekok kan dekat rumah orang.

    tapi besar sgt sgt sgt kawasan Villa Adriana tu

    1. Haah besar sangat! Saya rasa kalau dulu dulu mesti memang mewah tempat ni

  2. woo..terbaiklah blog ni.. singgah sini and follow....

  3. bestnyeeee.. ahaha makan megi ? tak pedas pulak kat tekak omputih tu ?
    ke sedap ? miahahaha..

    mak angkat tetap terbaik.. keje prepare makanan..

  4. Assalam Dilla...terima kasih sudi singgah di blog sis JM...Done follow sini...

    ada masa FREE nanti sis JM terjah lagi eh..nk baca travellog Hitaly nih :-)

  5. Sempat lagi terbayang acah acah princess then pakai gaun putih gerbang jalan kat tepi tepi hehe.?

    kenapa x bawak gaun :-)

  6. wah,bestnya dapat pergi melancong ke itali :-)

  7. menarikkk . macam pernah keluar filem je yang ada kolam keliling tu . filem apa erk

  8. Bestnyaaa :)n Inshaa Allah one day nak p juga :)

  9. Banyaknya info pasal travel dekat sini...

    1. Saya just share apa yang saya ingat sbb Italy ni saya pergi dah lama lah jugak

  10. mula2 bz tgk tempat2 cantik, tup2 mata xlepas terpandang 'food' hehehehe


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