A Magazine Printed Using HIV Positive Blood

Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Today is the first day of Haematology module and everything is about red blood cells, white blood cells yada yada. Although it's a first day of a new module, I feel like it's a first day of school! (Hm well minus the Respiratory System yang tertangguh tak habis revise lagi haha). 4 weeks left before the Mock OSCE and 7 weeks before the REAL OSCE. Okay rasa nak terus practise check jantung, paru-paru apa semua. 

*breathe in* 
*breathe out*
(Repeat 3 times) 

Chill Dylla chill. Tomorrow we'll practise Respiratory examination okay? Anyway, during the lecture for clinical history taking and physical examination, Dr L (suddenly I forgot her name -.-) showed us a short video related to the stigma of HIV+ people. Here's the video.

Yes, it's about an edition of the Vangardist magazine, which was printed out using ink mixed with HIV+ blood! They did this to break the stigma of those HIV+ people. Then Dr. L told us, we're the one who also responsible to change this kind of mindset in everyone. HIV can be passed from an infected mother to child. So sometimes macam kasihan those kids yang tak tahu apa apa but then takde sorang nak dekat dengan dia because s/he has HIV. HIV is not an airborne disease, so setakat duduk sebelah sebelah berbual kosong takkan menjangkitkan penyakit tu kat kita. HIV is transmitted via blood. So if kita luka and orang tu terluka and luka tu bertembung baru lah ada high possibility untuk berjangkit. 

I think it's quite impressive with what had done by the magazine company. They tried creating awareness to not being scared of HIV patients. If you wanna know more info about HIV, just Google it. Btw, just for you to know, HIV is one of the consequences of being a homosexual or having illicit multiple sex partners, which both acts are strictly forbidden in Islam. 

Before I end my post, I would like to say that my ibu is in the hospital right now because last night her blood pressure was higher than usual. So doakan ibu Dylla cepat sembuh and sentiasa sihat eh? InshaaAllah amin. Thank you guys! 

Assalamualaikum :) 


  1. Nice sharing dylla...
    Akak memang skeptikal pasal HIV tapi tak adalah sampai skeptikal terhadap semua especially those children yang tak berdosa..
    Kat kg akak ada families yang parents dorang infected dengan HIV n sometimes orang kampung avoid them sebab dorang dah di educated yang HIV ni something that they need to bypass....

  2. Forgot to mention....
    Hopefully your mom will getting well soon....
    Take a good care of her.. :)

  3. good sharing! btw if the HIV+ ppl have wound but we (normal ppl) don't have, is it still has possibility to be infected? because I'd heard this before and im not sure either it is true or not. thank you for answering :)

    1. The blood exits from the infected person has to get into the bloodstream of another person, which is usually through another open cut. Yes, it's possible but extremely rare because the virus cannot survive outside of the body in long period of time.

      You're welcome :)


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