Malaysian Currency And Sponsored Students

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Malaysian currency keeps falling, an amount of money is nowhere to be found, enforcement of Goods and Services Tax doesn't show any benefits, things get expensive and of course, people point fingers at each other but the truth is yet to be discovered. Neither an ignorant citizen nor a political master am I, plus this post has nothing to do with politics, I reckon so. 

Sponsored students get an amount of money as allowance either every month or every semester, it depends on how the sponsors have dealt with you. A few weeks ago when the currency started declining sharply, everyone seemed panic, especially those who study in overseas, which dissatisfaction was still agreeable. Currency worsened and mysterious things were left unexplained created fire spark among the citizens. They asked for more, furiously.

Comparing with those who get more than you won't make you any better as things won't change in this meanwhile and the spark will ignite more, leading to a bigger fire in yourself. Why don't you compare with those who get lesser? Things aren't good for us in here too, although the unstable currency has nothing to do with us. Yes, we get an allowance in Ringgit Malaysia and spend in Ringgit Malaysia, but to be honest the allowance is only enough for house rent, food and maybe a little bit of monthly savings. A bit mean very little. Trying my best not to ask for more money from my parents as they have done a lot for me (although they still insist giving me money every week) leads me to open a small business, for fun and at the same time, to keep some pocket money for myself. 

You have to face the currency, we have to face the 6% GST, 10% service charge and expensive things. "Makan cafe hipster cukup pula duit" is what people always say in debating 'who gets lesser', without realising that is the only time s/he spends more, which only occurs once every fortnight just to make her/himself feels better as s/he doesn't have the chance to tick off her/his bucket lists. Unless if you come from a really, really rich family, then yes, money is really not a big matter, wherever you are, inside or outside of Malaysia. 

No. I'm not trying to say I get lesser than you and I'm the one who supposed to get more. No, that wasn't what I tried to say. In a simple language, we are in the same boat. Complaining is okay, even I myself complain a lot sometimes (jadual pack hari Selasa tetiba Rabu takde kelas langsung sampai Sinthia tegur jangan merungut haha) but lets not complain too much shall we? There are people who get lesser than us-- no sponsorship, comes from a very poor family, has to study far away from home and doesn't have money to go home yada yada. Try to put yourself in their shoes and feel what they feel, and maybe that will make you feel better. At least you still have enough money to eat and survive. I know it must be hard for you, and I don't really know how is your situation there, but don't worry, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Stay strong guys! 

Last but not least, 
I hope Malaysia will recover soon. 


  1. part
    "we have to face the 6% GST, 10% service charge.." correction, there is no longer service charge after GST tapi akak tak sure dekat hotel, 10%service charge dikenakan atau tak sebab I heard dorang bising2 pasal ni long time ago.
    but as I work as a part time waitress somewhere near my uni, the company actually naikkan harga which is around 16% before GST was implemented... pandai kan dorang... :)

    and part yang GST doesn't show any benefit, yes I 100% agreed. akak tak nampak langsung benefit yang akak dah rasa after GST... banyak kontroversi adalah... hehe

    anyway, either you live in malaysia or overseas(for student), I think everyone can feel the burden... and yes Complaining is okay, but lets not complain too much...

    1. Kalau yang takde tu bagus lah sebab 16% macam lagi banyak dari previously, tapi mostly still ada. Saya pernah tanya kenapa still ada and owner restaurant tu cakap bcs dia ada letak notice kat depan kedai and boleh buat macam tu, so saya kena 16% :(

      Antara gst punya faedah yang saya tahu is to control harga barang, tapi setakat ni tak nampak lagi faedah tu because pengilang semua still kenakan harga tinggi, so kasihan orang bawah bila barang semua jadi mahal, including macam kita kita ni.

      Thanks kak for your comment, I really appreciate it :)

    2. Setuju. Tak nampak faedah pada pengguna lagi. Kononnya masa awal perlaksanaan gst, semua jenis tax combine jadi satu. Alih2 service caj boleh plak implement as long as peniaga letak notis akan kenakan servis. Makin membebankan.


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