Places To Eat & Visit In Penang (Day 3)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

My laptop is broken down and currently being repaired. Luckily I have a very old PC at home, which I hated so much before because it's very slow and always lags haha. Okay, let's continue with the Penang food hunting journey, yeay!

Sabar jelah nak type pun lagging.. 


It was our last day in Penang sobsob. We packed our things, checked out from the hotel and straight away went to Astaka Taman Tun Sardon for breakfast. In this area, there's a wet market and a food court. There are a few stalls, which sell a variety of food for breakfast. From kuih-muih, roti canai to even curry, soup, etc. They also have the famous serabai here. we bought 2 plates of serabai. I had eaten serabai a few times before. Serabai is like an apam but in a form of flat rounded shape and you eat it by dipping it into homemade kaya (sometimes with durian). Other than serabai, we also bought some kuih and 2 bowls of kuey teow soup.

I was really full and had to take away my kuih because I couldn't finish it. We went into the wet market to see how things go on in there. Usually I go to the wet market dengan t shirt tidur and seluar track, mesti orang cam pelik kan apa lah bebudak ni buat dalam pasar basah haha.


Our stomach needed time to settle down before eating another meal. We made our way to the Snake Temple. The Snake Temple was told to have a thousand of snakes when the owner first arrived there. Like other historical place, this temple also has its own story and history from where the name came from. Nowadays, because of constructions and new buildings, most of the snakes already ran away and only a few left in the snake breeding area. The snakes I saw were mostly brownish green in colour and they camouflaged themselves in the tree.


Another tourist attraction we went was Penang Peranakan Museum. Peranakan is basically a term for Baba and Nyonya generations. Most of them stay in Penang and also Melaka. Peranakan Museum is a huge mansion, formerly owned by a really rich man. Then they guy sold it to a company to be reconstructed and refurbished, and then it became a museum.

"Can I hold your dress?" -Tiara haha

We turned back to Little India, stopped by at Tajuddin Hussain to take away nasi kandar. Yelah, not every day you can eat nasi kandar in KL, plus nasi kandar in KL is not the same as in Penang, that's for sure. My friends bought nasi kandar for their families, while I.. hm family jauh kan so bungkus untuk diri sendiri jelah :'( hahah.

In Penang, Campbell Street is one of the busy streets (suasana 'hidup'), so we decided to take a look on how the street looks like because previously, we only managed to see the pintu gerbang. We parked our car in I-already-forgot-what-is-the-street-name and decided to go there on foot, with Google Maps as our guidance. Pusing punya pusing sesat pula.. About 1 hour of walking (if tak silap), baru lah nampak pintu gerbang. It was so tiring tak tipu, but satisfied because at least after a long walk we got to see the pintu gerbang haha. I went to a shop there and bought a t-shirt with shorts for Luqman. 


It was an exhausting walk and of course we were really hungry at that time, so we went to Nasi Kandar Din Jelutong for lunch, yeaarghhhh another nasi kandar! This time I had the nasi kandar with kuah campur campur. It was my first time though! Mmmm, not bad, delicious! Oh by the way, this restaurant is situated near Caltex. If you wanna go here, make sure you come early (around 12-1) because usually around 3 o'clock there's not much food anymore, unless if you're willing to wait until 5 o'clock when they have already cooked everything for dinner time. 

Penang is really a nice place to have a food hunting. I wish we had more days there so that we can even go to Bukit Bendera, Batu Ferringhi and visit other tourist attractions there.

Total expenditure: RM 400 per person

Some tips if you go with friends;
1. Chip in an amount of money and let someone hold it. Every time if you guys eat or buy the same thing, then everyone doesn't have to go to the counter to pay for it, only that person. 

2. YOLO do this and that, but make sure you have plans so that you won't get stuck in somewhere because you don't know where should you go.

3.  Bring extra clothes (a shirt and jeans are enough), in case you have last-minute-extended plan like us haha. 

I made a video for this trip, but I couldn't upload it on YouTube as they blocked my account because of copyright issues (guna lagu and I already gave credits actually), so I'm finding another alternative to upload it. Stay tuned guys hehe. 

End of Day 3.

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July 2015 // Penang

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  1. kenapa Penang? kenapa tak negeri lain? memang Penang terkenal dengan food ke?

    1. Ada orang cakap Penang ni 'syurga makanan' haha. InshaaAllah akan datang pergi negeri lain pula!

  2. Jelez owhhhh!!! Mmg kompom kene repeat. Mknan paling best kg sini pasemboq, cendul pulut & nsi kandaq (tudia abaq angg)

  3. Wahh! Penang pun menarik wehh.. Ruginya aku tak pernah ambik tahu selamanii. hurmmm. Lapar sebenarnyaa, belek gamba makanan pulak memang cari nahas hahahaha

  4. Penang memang syurga makanan. Hahahaha. Love Penang!!!


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