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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Yesterday I received a good question on my ask.fm.
Many people had asked me the same thing before and today I decided posting my answer on this blog.


I've tried my very very very best to study abroad even until today. 
I called the agent for Irish Universities last year by myself and asked them the procedures to apply. 
Unfortunately, they couldn't proceed bcs IELTS result (which I haven't yet taken) is compulsory for application, not like UK universities. 
The closing date was on 31st December and I didn't have the chance applying them. 
Then I took IELTS in the early of 2014 just bcs I wanted to apply for RCSI (Royal College of Surgeon Ireland) as the application and closing date were a bit diff. 
Again, luck wasn't on my side. 
The IELTS result had been postponed and I didn't manage to send my application form. 
But I didn't stop here. 

I went to the Irish Universities and Medical Schools Consortium in KL and met the one who handles application. 
Although it was in vain, but I was satisfied. 
The final date (which I never knew) for the university clearing has passed. I was late. 

Besides Ireland, I also searched for Australian universities that offer medic and I looked at their websites one by one to know the intake dates and requirements. 
Most of them start on Feb and that means I have to wait for another 5 months (10 months holiday is more than enough already haha) which I never consider as more time will be wasted, waiting for something that is uncertain. 
And most of them are opened for degree holders only. 

I also thought of applying Manipal University but I didn't continue my intention bcs the application fee itself was quite expensive and most prolly I wont go there as there's no scholarship. 
That's why for India I only applied to USM-KLE. 
I had received the unconditional offer (Alhamdulillah!) but unfortunately they didn't include my name for MARA. 
This is the first time they got application from A-Level leavers. 
There're only few places for MARA and I guess they preferred those from matrik (is the spelling correct?) and foundation programmes. 
But a friend of mine helped me sending an appeal letter to MARA and I'm still waiting for a reply *finger crossed*. 

There's no other scholarship/company sponsors for Medicine degree programme. 
I went to MARA and JPA main buildings to ask them whether they can sponsor or not if I get any overseas offer and they strictly said no. 
For JPA, I must follow the list given and for MARA, they only can give loan for local universities. 
I also asked TAPEM (like yayasan negeri) but nowadays they don't sponsor anymore. 

I even thought maybe I should accept other course (I got offer for Medical Sc in Edinburgh and Biomedic in Newcastle) but then I said to myself this is not what I want.
I wanna take Medicine from the start and I shouldn't change my mind just because I wanna study in overseas. 
That's why I decide staying here and apply to local medical universities. 
InshaaAllah if I didn't get MARA for USM-KLE and everything has been settled down, I will enter IMU (International Medical University) end of this August. 

Yes I already did every single thing I could do to study abroad.
Now, I've come to a point realising that future is really not ours to see and world is not a wish granting factory (Que Sera Sera and TFIOS haha). 
I accept it willingly and with an open heart.
Have faith in Him. 
Maybe this is the best for me.

I hope I already answered your question. Thank you for asking :)
Assalamualaikum and have a nice day everyone.


  1. dylla dengar cite bursary boleh apply Uni of Auckland for medicine? Xleh apply ke sebab kena amik IELTS?

    1. Yup boleh but as usual Medic ni banyak hal sikit haha. Aku memang dah ambil IETLS so pasal IELTS isn't a problem. Tak apply because of some reasons;
      1) Closing date in Nov. So kalau mcm ni means kena tunggu sampai next year baru boleh start degree itupun if dapat haha lambat sangat tu.
      2) Medic sana 6 years bcs the first year kena ambil biomedic sc.
      3) If tak silap kena ambil medic admission test yg lain which is quite expensive, around RM 1260 (aku dh ambil UKCAT but tak boleh guna for nz).

    2. Oh ye er? haha. x sangka kena amik exam lagi and yup semester in nz memang start from the beginning of the year (pelik betul). Apa pun all the best! ( blaja kat Auckland sebenarnya worth it :p)

    3. Haha tulah lebih kurg sama cam aussie. Rezeki kuat kt local kot hehe thanks shaqir! :D

  2. wish you all the best dr.dylla.. life has been hard on you. no worries cause there's always better plan from Him kan..

    thank you datang pesta kata tau..

    1. Yes betul sangat sangat tu, He has better plan. Thank you so much! :')


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