Raya Visit

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

It's a common thing during Eid ul-Fitr to visit relatives and friends.
Even if the person doesn't organise an open house or "makan-makan", you can still go to their houses personally and have a great chit-chat while eating kuih-raya as this is the only chance to visit them at their places.
No I wasnt going anywhere.
But someone came to my place this morning!
Weeee it's Audi and Rafiq!

Meet my best friend, Audi

The last time I met her was few months ago.
Couldn't imagine how excited I was when she told me she wanted to come to my house.
Yes we really had a nice chit-chat; telling each other bout our daily routines and stuffs, discussing about life as medical and dentistry students (tho I still haven't started my degree yet haha), reminding ourselves to always be tough and have faith in Him, and ofcs reminiscing back our high school life as we do miss it sooo much!
Then we went out for lunch, together with Rafiq.
Never get bored when it comes to talking with them.

Thank you again Audi and Rafiq for coming to my house today.
Looking forward to see you guys next time.
Take care!



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