A Journey To Putrajaya

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Cewah the title itself makes me sound like I've never been to Putrajaya.
Tipu lah tak pernah haha.
During high school, almost every outing I went to Alamanda which is situated in Putrajaya.
That's the nearest shopping mall to ssp.
But I've never discovered other places there before.

From Malacca to Putrajaya is about 120km and today was my first time driving that far weehoo!
I fetched Audi from her house to accompany me.
Actually the main reason why I had to go to Putrajaya was because I wanna send some documents to JPA but it took only 10 mins to settle everything.

So ...

Mari kita enjoyyyy~

Hahaha but with our parents' permission okay.
As our stomachs couldn't tolerate with us anymore, we decided to have our lunch first.
The easiest place to find restaurants; Alamanda.
Not sure why but both of us craved for cakes so after wandering around for quite some time, we went to Secret Recipe (where else in Alamanda has nice food and cakes haha).

I ordered Turkey Shank but to wait for 20-25 minutes was a no no.
So I changed to Spaghetti Meatballs.
And not forget, a piece of Raspberry Cake and watermelon juice.
Whilst Audi had Chicken Parmigiana, Chocolate Lava Cake and a glass of chocolate ice-blended.

After having lunch, we went finding surau to perform Zuhur. 
While wearing my tudung bawal back, I heard someone called my name.
Guess what?!
We bumped into our ex-classmate in ssp, Tmad! 
We were veryyyy excited to see each other, haha typical girls.

Our journey had to be continued. 
We still had some time to go anywhere. 
Amboi berjalan je hidup haha.
So I set my Waze app to Taman Botani.

Even from the parking area we could see that there weren't many visitors there.
Maybe because today is Wednesday (weekday) so most people were working at that time.
Click here for more info about Taman Botani.

Jakuns jap bila nampak this long bridge haha.
Along the way, you'll see there're few signboards which tell you about those trees.
Yeah we walked to the end of the bridge but unfortunately we had to turn back because it started to rain.
Luckily we managed to capture few photos there hehe.

Audi acah acah model skirt

Bridge Selfie

*insert deep caption*

A little bit frustrated and disappointed because I didn't have the chance to see any flowers at the Taman Botani *sigh*.
Anyway overall I really enjoyed; slip had been sent to JPA & got the chance searching and driving to those places by myself (w/ Audi's help as well) weehoo.

It's just a starting point to travel away with my friends.
I know this might sound so lame, "yelah bukannya pergi jauh sangat pun" haha.

But it really means something to me.


  1. Cantiknya tempat ni... Dekat Penang pun ada Taman Botani

    1. Yeke? Tak pernah lagi pergi yang kat Penang punya. Nanti ada rezeki and masa saya nak pergi lah sana hehe

  2. Cantik2 sbnrnya tempat2 kt msia ni kan.. ditambah dgn cara capture photographer funa imiginasi & kata2 cewahhh

    1. Hahaha. Tapi betul lah tu tempat kat Malaysia pun cantik cantik jugak tak dapat dinafikan!

  3. Baru tahu yang kat Putrajaya pun ada Taman Botani. Lawa pulak tuu.. Ishh mana aci ni, kena pergi jugakkk hemmm


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