Dec 22, 2015

O&G Posting In HKL (Week 3) - Wards

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Counting down for my end of semester 3 examination wuaaaa mygaddd so cuak. I hope it's still not too late to update about my elective posting experience. To be in the wards was totally different from the time when we were in the labour room and clinics. We could do almost nothing as our supervisor had warned us not to touch the patient, not to take photos of patient or with the patient, not to do this, not to do that. Still terngiang-ngiang in my ears when she said, "Don't mess up with anything." (We nodded slowly dengan muka takut and kept silent).

We read a few case files, then another one, and another one. Most of the time, we read case files. Another time when we were not.. we stood quietly in front of a patient's bed, thinking of what we should do. Haha yes, that bored. Boredom struck since the first day of our posting, nonetheless we still managed to learn something. Looking at us who looked clueless and didn't know what else to do other than checking the case files, a medical student from another university approached us and taught us a few components that we should ask when clerking a patient in the obstetrics ward as it's not the same as the usual medical one. Ada lah clerk patient sorang dua orang, then continued looking each other (Tiara and I), thinking what shall we do next haha.

On the third day, we went to meet our supervisor, Dr S to give her our evaluation forms. After a few times of "Apakata kita suruh doctor lain sign" "Kena ke jumpa dia jugak" and whatnots, we made our mind and nak tak nak we had to meet her, because we already told her at the first place. Slowly stepped into her clinic and the most incredible-I-never-imagine-it-before thing happened and guess what?!

She smiled.

Yesss, the specialist who we met on the first day of week 1 yang bagi warnings itu ini. She signed, gave the feedback forms back to us and said 'Good luck' with another bright smile. From a fierce-looking woman who we were afraid of to a gentle-and-nice woman who looked really kind! I reckon she warned us this and that for the benefits of both sides.

'twas the last day of our elective posting, so we decided to take a photo or two as memories. Maka, bergambarlah kami di hadapan Wad Bersalin Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

As to celebrate the end of our elective posting and the start of our study week break, we had our lunch at Sushi King and decided to pay a visit to the National Museum. Selalu pergi muzium kapal kapal kat Melaka je, never gone to any in Kuala Lumpur. Excited because I do love going to a museum, plus got the chance to go with someone who loves it too; Tiara hehe. Unfortunately, little did we know the weather was not going to stay bright and sunny, and the rain was getting heavier by the time we arrived there. With no near car park available after dah pusing berpuluh kali, we bade goodbye to the museum and drove back to Vista.

In the middle of our journey, I mistakenly told the wrong way, Tiara made a wrong turn (because of me) and we had to follow another route. Accidentally, we found another museum! It was the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Visiting an art museum is on my bucket list! So here's to the ticking off another thing in my bucket list, Alhamdulillah!



Look carefully. There were a few people climbing the hill to go back to their homes.

I love how Awais Yaqub took those photos from different perspectives, making each photo has its own mission to tell story to those who understand.


Tekunnya Ardilla tengok haha

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  1. Dah settled posting, kena prepare utk exam pulak ye. Selamat menelaah, Dylla :)
    Btw, bestnya gi muzium tuh!

    1. Itu lah pasal haha thanks Kak Farrah! Haah best best! Hehe

  2. rajin haih dia pi museum.. kalo akak tidoo da kat entrance =P
    lol tak tak teruk sngt gitu.. saja over hahaha..

    1. Saya memang dari dedulu teringin nak pi museum selain yang kat Melaka haha

  3. Thanks for stopping by at "Portrayal of Pakistan" and posting about it. Glad you enjoyed it. You got very nice blog! keep posting

    1. You're welcome! I really really love your photos. I wish one day I would be a good photographer with unique perspective like you. Thank you for stopping by here, Awais. Have a nice day :)

  4. Alhamdulillah... Ada juga rezeki sampai ke sini tapi tak perasan pula khemah2 tu...

  5. Guess What! I jatuh cinta dengan Subjek Sejarah lepas datang Museum ni masa form3 I think. Haha. Memang tak minat. Lepas tengok visual.. Ohh macam ni rupanya.. Menarik jugekkk. Pastu minat subjek tu. hahahahah

    1. Yekeee? Hahaha bagusnyaaa! Saya suka Sejarah camtu camtu je tapi saya suku pergi museum hehe