Easy Way To Uplift Someone's Mood

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

One of my ongoing CPUV campaigns is Kleenex Bloom and since last week I've been wondering what is this all about actually. I know Kleenex is a tissue brand, but hey, what's up with the Bloom thingy at the back? I typed on Google 'What is Kleenex Bloom' and clicked the search button, but unfortunately I could find nothing. So, I decided to surf directly to Kleenex's website.

I found this!

You can click on the photo above to directly go to their website.

It's about their new scented tissues! No wonder they put bloom, which means flower as their newly produced tissue, CHERRY BLOSSOM and ROSE have nice fragrance and smell, just like those flowers. My sister (click here to read her blog) once told me that she would put some perfume every time before she starts studying to increase the mood and create a good aura. And yes, a nice flower-like smell can stimulate and trigger positive thoughts. 

Studying sometimes makes me feel really bored and I would start to binge on chips and chocolates. And usually, once in a while I would use my scented lotion to kinda bring back the mood, but it's too pricey to use it so many times in a day. With this new product from Kleenex, I can just use it after eating or take one every time I want to create back the joyous mood of studying and get back to my work! 

And guess what? There's a video posted by Kleenex Team in their Facebook, showing how to make roses from tissues! A budget-but-more-effort way to give to your loved ones. 

Happy trying guys! 


  1. Hang bila free ni..nak minta ajar blog haha

    1. Sekarang tengah study week tsk tsk T.T Naimahhh, blog kau pun best lahhh eeee

  2. ehehe ni iklan yang dia fold tissue then jadikan bunge tu kan ?
    so jimat duit beli bouquet ehehe..

  3. Akak tak pernah beli lagi, tapi kawan akak dah kecoh kata wangi ;)

  4. Suka3. Btw tagging you here http://bluechoralpearl.blogspot.my/2015/12/jawapan-untuk-fadhilah.html ^_^

  5. Kleenex product yg thumbs up! sesetgh tisu lap muka pn pedih


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