Clinical Rotation To Jempol (5 Tips, 9 Things)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabakaratuh.

I manage to remember some of the things that might be useful for those who are going to Jempol for the clinical rotation under IMU.


1.  Ask permission from matron / sister
It's a matter of courtesy and politeness. Respect everyone in the hospital and when you arrive at the ward, do tell them (matron / sister / nurse) that you are there to ask some questions and do physical examinations on the patients yada yada. At least they acknowledge your presence. 

2.  Clerk before check the case file
Try to figure out the final diagnosis before you check the case file. But I advise you to check it before you do any physical examination, just in case the patient has a mild infectious disease and as a precaution.

3.  Jot down while talking
My group mates and I had been told by a doctor from the clinical school that we should jot down while asking questions. He said that you're not being rude, in fact, it makes the patient feels more comfortable as they don't need to look straight into your eyes the whole time. Plus, if you jot down everything after you clerk, usually you can only remember ~50%, which I kinda agree. Unless if it's in OSCE then you don't have to jot down because obviously the examiner is in front of you and you don't have to present the case to anyone.

4.  No need to bring any bed sheet / pillowcase 
The homestay we stayed had provided us with bed sheets and pillowcases, but you still can bring if you want to.

5.  Bring a pair of comfortable slippers / sandals
It's easier for you to just wear slippers / sandals instead of sneakers or the formal shoes when you wanna go out for dinner or to shop some junk food. 

These are the things I brought every time I go for ward rounds and clerking.

  1. Small note book
  2. ID Card
  3. Pen
  4. Pen torch
  5. White coat
  6. Nursing watch (my watch doesn't have any jarum)
  7. Stethoscope
  8. Name tag
  9. Measuring tape (or you can bring a ruler) 
Not in the picture; 
LOGBOOK (it's compulsory to bring!)
2 rulers (to measure the JVP)

That's all. Have fun!


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