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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

The best procrastinator award goes to me. I'm gonna have another posting, but this time to a GP's (General Practitioner) clinic before Semester 4 starts. (Semoga Ardilla pass Semester 3, amin!) GP clinic is the usual private clinic, which is not in the hospital, such as "Klinik ABC" or maybe "Klinik Dr Ardilla" (ehh) hehe one day InshaaAllah! The last day we were supposed to submit the reply form to the IMU Academic Service Department (ASD) was yesterday and me, as the best procrastinator has not sent it yet. Great. I had sent an email to the ASD, telling them that I'll submit the reply form a bit late, but the person in charge hasn't replied me and yet, I myself haven't found a GP who's willing to let me become a penyibuk inside his/her clinic for a week haha. 

Luckily, my family is quite close to this one doctor and I told my parents that I wanted to shadow him, expecting my parents would inform him about this matter, but even if they have told, I would still have to go to his clinic and ask him by myself. I printed a few copies of IMU letter and GP reply form in case Dr Bee doesn't accept my request. I heard a few stories of my friends who got rejected, so better get prepared of any possibility that might happen. Dr Bee is our so-called family doctor and my late grandfather was close to him since the time when he got his first mild heart attack. I prayed really hard he would accept me because I don't have any backup clinic in my mind and his clinic is the nearest from my father's workplace.

Oh, btw, maybe some of you wonder. Why Dr Bee?


I went to his clinic, which is supposedly only 2 minutes away, but blame the road divider, so I had to make a U-turn before arriving there. It's a not-so-big clinic, situated beside a camera shop. Upon arrival, I told the ladies at the counter who I bet were his assistant and also cashier that I wanted to meet the doctor to discuss about the GP posting. I was just about to sit on the bench provided when my name was called as they thought 'twas an urgent request. I told the doctor my name, where I study and why I came to meet him. Then, he asked me where do I live. I looked at my mother with a hope he might recognise her, but unfortunately he did not. Ibu said "Kedai gas," (my father runs a cylinder gas business) and he immediately asked, "Oh Cucu Mohd Nor?" My heart fluttered and my mind repeatedly answered "Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm his granddaughter!" I nodded my head and said "Haah." We had a nice chit chat about medical stuff, building a good rapport and he told me bits and pieces of what I'm gonna experience in his clinic. Dr Bee is like a datuk to me because he's an old-but-so-nice doctor and the conversation I had with him was a delightful one. I thanked him and made a move to leave the room when he asked me about IMU tuition fees and we continued talking haha seronok juga dapat doktor banyak cakap. There won't be an awkwardness aura later on and I can learn a lot of things from him if he won't mind sharing them, InshaaAllah!

I sent ibu back before heading to the old AEON to post something at the Pejabat Pos and treat myself for getting the clinic for GP posting(?) haha. I already parked ibu's car when the absence of my purse, included money, IC and driving license came to my realisation the moment I stepped my feet in the mall. My bad habit finally taught me something I shall always remember. I'm a type of person who likes to leave her purse at home every time she goes out with her family because she thinks it makes her spending less money. Padahal sebenarnya beli juga barang, kalau tak ayah or ibu belanja, my siblings would lend their money to me. Ish ish, perangai. So, yeah. Lesson learnt.

Don't forget to bring your purse / wallet wherever you go. 

Fortunately, the parking ticket was RM0.00. If not, terpaksa lah korek syiling memana. Patah balik to take my purse and went back to AEON. After posting a parcel, straight away walked to Sushi King! My love towards sushi nowadays is undeniable. But, 'twas kinda krik krik and hambar to eat alone so I just took away. Yummy!

Nah belanja gambar sushi satu. Gambar lain hang tengok kat Insta cheq (@dyllarezan) okay. (Bila orang Melaka acah cakap Kedah haha).

Sebahagian daripada hasil tangkapan. Sebahagian lagi kat tepi kaki.
Till here!

P/s: Do drop some comments if you have anything to say. I would love to hear your opinions :)

Loves, Dee.
(Amboi nak ber Dee dee pula Ardilla ni haha)


  1. I really love all your stories so keep posting yaw!

  2. Sushi addict dah hahahahaha πŸ˜†
    Kita tak cari lagi gp klinik 😭

    1. Semua gara gara Nisa start bawa kita pergi makan sushi hahaha. Takpe takpe still ada masa nak cari dont worry! πŸ’ͺ

  3. saya suka lah baca blog akak ni.menarik plus bagi semangat gitu bila nak study.:)good luck in your future akak

  4. i suka semua post you especially tukang post 😝

  5. lending? or memang mintak belanja? HAHAHAHAHA hey i just bought something. Makeup brushes. Wallah!

    1. Pinjam! Kita bayar okayyyy ceh haha. Makeup brush? Hmmm so? :p hehe

  6. semoga dipermudah adanya Klinik Dr Ardilla tu aminnnn ;)

  7. hehehe akak suka Dr. Bee lagi dari Dr. Botak.. sounds more polite =)

    1. Kannn? Tapi dia pun tak kisah sebenarnya sbb saya rasa dia tahu je orang panggil dia Dr Botak hehe

    2. ahahah dia pedulik apa.. ilmu penuh didada.. and masyuk poket =P
      LOL.. ahaha.. botak o not.. he doesnt care..

  8. saya tak pernah mkn sushi tapi teringin nak makan😫..sbb ade orng kata sushi nasik die tu masam.betul ke???


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