Be Grateful And Say Alhamdulillah

"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted."

Good evening my fellow readers (I know nobody reads my blog act haha). First of all, I would like to inform that this post is from my previous blog. I just have to repost bcs I wanna share back my thought and at the same time remind myself. 

I read my makcu's entry in her blog entitled "Kematian Tidak Mengenal Usia." She posted about her husband. Am really touched seriously. I cried. The tears didn't drop in vain. The unnoticed tears dropped and made me felt realllyyyyyy grateful of having beloved ones (though my most beloved person after my parents; my grandfather is gone) in my life. I just can't imagine how my life would be without them. I know makcu feels the same too but yeah life must go on and I know makcu will be able to get through this, such a great obstacle. Yes it's true. Death comes regardless of age. It can come anytime and anywhere. Only Allah knows. He decides the best for us. All we have to do is to prepare ourselves for the day. It isn't late yet to change yourself and be a true muslim and muslimah.

Back to the main topic about something that related to "be grateful of what you have." To have ibu, ayah, family, friends etc in my life is one of the best thing that I've ever had in my life! Who gives us that grace? Of course Allah. Sit for a moment and think for awhile. He gives us many things so why can't we be grateful and struggle to be a faithful servant? Try to imagine what do we feel if we give something to someone but he or she does not appreciate that thing. Of course we'll feel neglected and maybe angry. We'll think "What for I give something to her but she doesn't appreciate it. I won't give her anything next time." Some of us might think that. From here do you realise something? Allah ALWAYS give us graces either directly or indirectly without neglecting those who don't appreciate His bounty. So guys wake up! Always appreciate of what you have. Maybe what we hate is the best for us while what we like is the bad for us. Only He knows whats the best for us.

The main two thing that I would like to highlight here are; 1. Do appreciate others in your live before it's too late because by that time when the person is gone forever, to regret is meaningless and you can't turn back time. 2. Always always always and always be grateful as we don't know whats the best in each path of life taken. Life is a journey with many obstacles that we must face. But what's life without obstacles and challenges right? Of course it'll be boring and dull. Thats all. I should sleep now. Goodnight and assalamualaikum.


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