Worms Inside Face

"Give me an interesting topic." And he asked me whether I know about this worm-inside-face thingy or not. Tbh yes I've heard before that when someone who has sinus being treated, white worms will emerge from the skin pores hmm but I never watch it by myself. So I watched the video he gave me. Eww, I will never watch it again haha kidding.

But somehow there are few things that I keep wondering; Where did the worms come from? Are they from stomach? How they get their way to face? So I did some research and got different theories about this interesting (read: a bit disgusting) topic.

First theory;
It is a treatment where they use the earth roach, chop off the butt and squeeze the ooze on your face so that it heals certain illness for example to cure sinus, it is spread onto nose and face. Someone said that she first heard this method conducted in Melaka! (Lol Melaka).

Second theory;
The worms on the guy's face are from the roach. This particular species actually carries worms inside its stomach. When rubbed on the guy’s face, the ooze are worms that appears after a while, reacting to the exposed air. People who choose these types of treatment should be aware that the worms don't come from their own face.

Third theory;
They are using petroleum jelly to block oxygen from reaching the worms so due to lack of oxygen, they come to the surface.

Okay as for the conclusion, the first and the second theories are kinda related to each other so one of them may be true. For the third theory, someone stated that the petroleum jelly is usually used whenever have to deal with parasites. In this case, the worms are not parasites from inside bcs parasitic worms inside the skin would cause much more obvious marking or infection. So it is more likely that the parasitic worms are from the insect (earth roach).

Not sure whether it is correct or not but to be safe, if you have bad sinus or any infection, directly meet specialist and as for example in this case is ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist so that he can advise what you should do and tell you the correct procedure.

That's all for now. Assalamualaikum.


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