Taylor Swift RED Tour

Guess what?! TAYLOR SWIFT IS COMING TO MALAYSIA!!! Seriously, no kidding. The tickets for the Red Tour are sold on the 1st of March and of course by now surely they've been sold out. It is a big lie if I say I don't have any plan on how to buy the ticket, how to go there, what should I wear, who should I ask to accompany me.. yes of course I did. But unfortunately it's a big-enormous-huge-gigantic NO from my parents. I knew it already from the first time I thought about it. I was just trying my luck and tho they are really in good mood, nahh I guess luck will never be at my side when it comes to "permission to go concert". I understand and accept their decisions. After all they are my parents. They know what they did is the best for me and I won't do anything they forbid. 

Eh? What is the poster above about? Oh if you guys wanna know, my sister and I are collecting points and we are going to redeem for Taylor Swift stuffs (not for the ticket concert)! So, if you guys eat or see someone eats this delicious Cornetto Taylor Swift Red Tour please message / email me the code behind the lid! Help us! We are really really appreciate and would like to thank those who had helped us. But we need more codes so yeah go get yourself and family this scrumptious ice cream!

Always a swiftie, Ardilla. Lol what a great way to end this post. Assalamualaikum! 


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