Hey there again. So what's up with the title up there. Pishang? Huh? Really? What is pishang actually? I'm the one who shall ask what is "pishang" bcs I only know what is "pisang" (banana) but not "pishang" haha. I've heard lots of my friends use that word ("pishang") and just now my sister informed me that "pishang" is actually means boring. Lol why make things so complicated when you can just say you "bosan" (bored in malay). 

Oh I get it, it's all about coolness. You use the word "bosan" and you are ordinary just like the school kids and elderly (sorry I know this word is unacceptable at some places). So you use the word "pishang" and thought "Yeah that's more cool." But anyhow sometimes I have to admit that some cool-word-made-by-anyone does amplify the real word. Besides, using different words with unique pronunciations that other people don't use is as the same like having 'different language' that only you and your friends know. This can be seen especially during high school. Different schools have their different unique term for the same thing. For example, the term "adik angkat". In my school, we call it as 'title'. In mozac is 'contact'. In SAS is 'jambu'. And so on... (sorry I can't remember them all, I'm 20 already and it has been 3 years since I left my high school life haha). 

So yeah that's all about pishang. Till fingers meet keyboard again. Bye! Assalamualaikum. 


  1. hehehe.. akk ingtkan akk sorng yg xphm psl pishang2 ni..
    tpi kan, mcm (sorry to say), ape kaitan pisang dlm hal ni?? kenapa x letak cempedak @ nangka?? heheheh.. but again, not even related >_<

  2. Ooooo bosan... Bukan pisang.. Saya pun baru tahu

  3. Hahaha...sy pn bru tau ..trtgl flight ..kesian me


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