USM-KLE Interview

To be honest this is my third time creating a blog (if you don't count before I entered SSP) haha. Taraaa! My third blog. Oh whatever dylla, now let's straight to the point. Lemme tell you everything from A to Z before I only remember from A to J. It's about the USM KLE interview that I went last few days which was held on 5th of May, Saturday to be exact. So the interview was conducted in the USM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. Yeah it's far far away from Melaka so I have to be there one day earlier as the registration was in the morning. I went there with my father and my sister by bus. Yes by bus because my father didn't want to drive and we thought travelling by bus is more adventure than plane haha. We stayed in Al-Inshirah Inn, a budget-but-comfy hotel which is situated only about 0.5km from USM Kubang Kerian. Bla bla bla and we arrived on Friday morning. We spent the whole day going to beach (Pantai Cahaya Bulan), eating 'Nasi Berlauk' (my very first time!), finding the interview place etc and we arrived back at the budget hotel at night. 

On the next morning, we went out as early as 7am. I wore a green baju kurung matched with a white 'tudung'. The dress code for me is quite formal but you don't have to wear blazer and shirt and 3-inch black shoes nahh not really necessary. As long as you look polite and courteous, that is enough. And make sure you have your breakfast first! 

Then we straight away went to the USMKK and waited for registration. I was among the early interviewees arrived. A guy came and lead us to a place to be interviewed. There're 5 rooms with 2 panels each. I am the fourth interviewee for the Room 2. When it was my turn, one of the doctors (panels) came out and invited me into the room. I greeted them politely and they asked me to sit down. The questions were in English and Malay. If they ask in English, then answer in English and if they ask in Malay, answer them in Malay. So basically these were the questions that I got;

1.  Tell me a bit about yourself. 
2.  Why do you want to be a doctor?
3.  You said that your grandfather had a bypass surgery, so can you tell me what it is about?
4.  I see that you have a certificate for silat (martial art), how is it related to Medicine? 
5. What do you know about USM KLE? 
6.  What do you expect to become the first year medical student in USM KLE?

After that I was given a situation on a piece of paper. I can't really remember but more or less like this;

"You are rushing to board a plane and you see there's a man who is injured badly."

It's more like discussion actually. I gave my opinions what I would do and the panels tried to make me confuseeee haha but don't worry too much, it wasn't that serious as you may think! They're sooooo kind and funny! I really wish I will get the opportunity to study there, hm wish me luck! And good luck for those who'll attend the interview! 

Tata guys. Assalamualaikum :)


  1. woaghhhh!! kali yg ketiga rupanya.. ;)

  2. Dah lupa perasaan kena interview.. Tapi yang pasti banyak kali keluar masuk toilet.. Hehehe

  3. If you don't mind me asking, how did it went and what was the result of the interview? Thanks.

  4. Can i know about the cost study there and there will be supporter or we must put it all by our own.

    1. I can't really remember what is the cost. You can just google and check in their website :)

  5. hello. im from indonesia. do you know how is the selection process for international student? because on USM website they only said that international student should pass the interview test but when i read some blogs there were MMI kind of test that they should pass. thank you :)

    1. I'm not sure about that. Maybe you could try to email them directly and ask about this. Sorryyyy.

  6. hello, im from indonesia. do you know how is the selection process for international student? because on USM website they only said that we have to pass the interview test only. but i read some blogs and they said that there is MMI test for local student (if im not mistaken). hope you can help thank you :)


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