How I Spent Last Weekend

This post was supposed to be published 2 days ago. 

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

I just sent my best friend to the bus station in Pekeliling, near the LRT Titiwangsa Station. Most of my best friends are from the same high school as me. From high school, to INTI and even to IMU, the people who I am close to are from the same high school. I know, my circle of close friends is not that big. Pusing pusing orang yang sama haha. 5 years in a boarding school makes you know each other well, what she likes, what she hates, who she adores and stuff like that. We rarely meet, but we do catch up with each other's life once every 2-3 months at least. 

The last time I met Wafi (real name: Wahidah. Why Wafi? Hehe secret :p) was 3 years ago, I reckon so. She's studying in UIA Kuantan. She already planned to meet me last year, but unfortunately that time Malaysia was having a terrible flash flood and the bus couldn't get to Semenanjung as the road was blocked. Every time she called me, I'd ungkit about the incident, telling her "Yelah kau mana nak datang sini. Alasan banjir lah apa lah" and she'd stress out and told me over and over again about the flood thingy hahaha saja buli. 

A few days ago, suddenly Wafi called me to tell that she's coming to KL. At first I wonder is she on her holiday or what, rupa-rupanya she came here to meet me! Terharunyaaaaa! *nangis golek golek* I went back home on Thursday and came back to KL on Saturday morning. Wafi waited for me at TBS as she arrived first. Patutnya Dylla yang tunggu Wafi but terbalik pula. Ibu and ayah pesan next time make sure I'm the one who wait for her not she waits for me. Okay ibu ayah, ampunkan anakanda. 

We felt really hungry at that time, so we straight away went to NU Sentral to have a lunch there. Before that, we left our things in a locker in TBS. Lockers in TBS use passcode, so you don't have to hold the keys and get worry in case if the key misplaces or drops anywhere. We went to NU Sentral by LRT from TBS and then changed to Monorail in Hang Tuah. Sampai sampai je terus serbu directory and chose the Gravy Factory (Click here to read Foodylla review) for lunch. 

Then I bought Wafi to one of my fav ice cream places, Sangkaya! We went Sangkaya for 2 times because we just couldn't get over it and guess what?! Wafi loves Sangkaya too! Weeee hehehe. We went back after watching Maze Runner with the free tickets my sister got (do visit her blog; and stopped at TBS to pick up our bags from the locker and from TBS, we decided to take a taxi back to VIsta. It's very easy to book a taxi nowadays. You only need a phone application called MyTeksi and mobile data / wifi. Everything is just at the tip of our fingers.

Wafi slept over at my place for a night and on the next day we went out together for brunch before I sent her to Titiwangsa LRT Station. The haze is getting worse here, with API more than 200 hm it's really bad, especially for those who have asthma.. like me. Even though Alhamdulillah I don't get any dramatic critical asthma attack, but somehow this haze affects my breathing and health. Usually I won't feel very tired, but recently I easily get shortness of breath, even walking for only a short distance, from the Sri Petaling LRT Station to my house in Vista C, which is just about 550m away. I took a taxi on that day, so that I don't have to redah the haze and feeling very tired at the end of the day.

Avoid going out and stay indoor okay! 
Hope this situation will get better soon. I miss the clean air, although KL is KL, not a jungle where the fresh air is everywhere haha.

Nah belanja a photos of us.
I'm wearing a shawl from Rezllene's New Collection btw hehe.

Meet Wafi



On our way to the Sri Petaling LRT Station

Wafi bye :'(

So, that's all for now. 
Deedaadee. Assalamualaikum! 


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