Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck (Theatre)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

T'was my first time entering Istana Budaya, watching a real theatre. When Audi told Rieza and I about this, asking whether we wanna join her or not, I immediately answered yes. Tak fikir lagi nak pergi sana naik apa, takpe yang penting beli tiket dulu haha that was what I thought. Audi bought the tickets for us together with her other UKM friends and I paid her. I never thought of looking at the poster or knowing who'd be the actors, until yesterday. 

We arrived a bit late, but luckily they hadn't started yet, just Upin Ipin ads on the white screen. I was amazed by how big is the interior part of the Istana Budaya. First timer lah katakan, tu pasai cam rusa masuk kampung jap hehe. Finding our seats wasn't that hard as at the entrance, we were already instructed to go left. While in the enormous-great-looking hall, there were a few men who I believe a part of the theatre crew, and one of them showed us where were our seats. The three of us bought the RM58 tickets and guess what, our seats were in the third row, right in front of the stage! Memang kalau pelakon bercakap menyembur air liur boleh sampai lah hahaha. 

This theatre has been adapted from a movie, which was from a book. I knew the existence of this movie after Sobri recommended to me and I already watched it, so roughly I know the storyline, characters and of course the ending. Just a general idea of this movie; a kampung guy went to a diff kampung, met a girl who lives in a strict tradition and customs, they fell in love with each other, they couldn't get married, this girl married to a rich guy, bla bla bla. The theatre began with the girl giving a letter to a guy (not the hero) when she was about to board the Kapal Van Der Wijck. Then the hero came out, it was Amar Baharin! Lahh dia ke hero, ingatkan diorang just ambil orang mana mana haha. Main cast; Amar Baharin, Nabila Huda, Karl Shafek, Amyra Rosly and Syarul Ridzwan.

What I can say, I was really fascinated by the props, how they entered the scenes, enjoyed every single thing the actors spoke with the same tone and more or less the same script, just like in the real movie. I couldn't take off my eyes from the stage, although sometimes there was a lot of things happening on the stage, with the main characters acting, and side characters busy doing their own roles, but I just love the way they tried to make it real as I noticed even side characters had their own scripts, I bet. And I really love how the producer or whoever-arrange-the-storyline for picking up the main scenes that audiences need to know. Oh and it's kinda like a musical theatre so once in a while, they'd sing and that was what made it more interesting! 

So overall, I really like this theatre, but I guess when it comes to 'best ke tak tengok teater ni', I can't really answer that because I'm afraid, my interest in watching this theatre isn't the same as yours, so I can't tell whether you would like it or not. It depends on the individual actually. 

Here's the movie trailer;

"Demikianlah perempuan. Dia hanya ingat kekejaman orang kepada dirinya walaupun kecil, dan dia lupa kekejamannya sendiri kepada oranglain padahal begitu besar." -Zainudin

Ya Zainudin~


  1. Akak suka gak tengok teater. Tapi dah lama benar tak tengok :)

    1. Ni first time saya tengok :'( Nasib kawan sudi ajak haha

  2. First time tengok cerita ni hari tu, sedih sangat T_T


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