Need More Energy: Quick Nap or Caffeine?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Macam pernah Dylla tulis pasal ni, tapi dimana ye? Haha. Yes, I wrote something about Nescafe and staying up in my previous post entitled 'BERKESAN KE NESCAFE UNTUK STAY UP' (click the title to view the post). Since I was in high school, one thing that keeps lingering in my mind, makes me stuck in a 5-min-cannot-study-because-cannot-decide dilemma is whether to have a quick nap or drink coffee first. I know it doesn't make sense because whatever I do, for sure I would end up with having a power nap, esok pagi baru terjaga haha. Unless, like I'd already mentioned in the previous post, usually if I tried to hold my sleepiness after drinking Nescafe and go here and there, reading while walking so I won't fall asleep, then I wouldn't feel sleepy anymore, oh well, even though I would still tersengguk once in a while during staying up *garu kepala tak gatal* hehe. 

Last night, one of my closest friends since high school, Assyfa Ariffin, who I usually call Cypa, tagged me on a video (at the end of this post) in Facebook. Talking about high school, I entered a boarding school from Form 1 until Form 5, and staying up with friends was like a routine, and my usual places berkampung malam malam were in the dorm either on a bed or with a small table, near the light source because we couldn't on the lights after 'lights off', which was at 12.30 (if I'm not mistaken) or pantry, where no one cares whether the light was on or off haha. Cypa was one of my friends who always helped to wake me up whenever I needed a 5-minute-end-up-extend-to-30-minute break haha. 4 years back then, I was kinda 'immune' to Nescafe (Layman's term; not effective), and I could still sleep soundly even after drinking 3 sachets of Nescafe, terrible yes I know. 

When I watched the video Cypa tagged me, my mind sensed something funny and my brain started to process the information, telling me what I did all this time was wrong. Well, it wasn't 100 percent wrong, it's just not the best way. The video is about 'Coffee Nap'. 

'Coffee Nap'? 

Coffee nap is basically coffee + nap. You drink a coffee, one shot of espresso or anything that can make you straight away feel dizzy, and then you have a quick nap (15-20 minutes). In my previous post; BERKESAN KE NESCAFE UNTUK STAY UP, I wrote something regarding the shape of caffeine molecule, which is quite similar to adenosine. Adenosine is a byproduct of brain activity which builds up throughout the day and it binds to the receptor in the brain, which then slowly telling that your body is tired. Yes, Nescafe or coffee can make you stay awake because the caffeine competes with adenosine to bind with the receptors on brain, so caffeine keeps your brain from slowing itself down. But still, the brain will slowly rasa penat and tak larat. 

Sleeping removes away all the adenosine, so if you had a 'coffee nap', the caffeine from the coffee no longer needs to compete with adenosine after you wake up. It's said to be more effective this way. But don't take a nap too long or you might feel wanna sleep until the next morning. Set your alarm clock, biar beratur banyak banyak setiap 5 minit pun takpe haha. 15-20 minutes is enough to make you feel fresh and have a productive stay up later on. 

I've never tried this before, so if anyone out there has tried, tell me the result okay! I'm eager to know hehe. Thanks Cypa for sharing this video with me!

P/s; To someone who told me she read my blog, I'm so so sorry sempat senyum je but tak sempat sembang or tanya sebab time tu kawan panggil minta tolong :( Terharu ada juga yang sudi baca tsktsk hehe. InshaaAllah if ada masa kalau jumpa kita sembang ke ehh?  :) 


  1. nak tryy,,tp mira bukan jenis minum kopii --'

    1. Haha sama lah. Dylla boleh minum setakat old town punya hazelnut coffee je sbb manis. Kalau pahit, tak sedap :/

  2. Tak sempat nak minum nescafe dah tertidur. Acano tu? Cer citer.

  3. same la, blom pape coffee ntah kemna ape semua ntah kemana.. sedar2 dh pgi :P


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