Inserting A Tube Into The Private Part

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

The title above is actually the layman's term for Urinary Catheterisation. Yesterday I had my last CSU for Renal System (kidneys and urinary tract) as next 2 weeks, we're gonna start our Endocrine module (hormones). Wei Bin and I were very excited for this CSU. Well, obviously because it's not a history taking session, where you have to think about clinical reasoning and come out with a few differential diagnosis haha and usually when it involves procedures, it will be so much fun as you will get the chance to perform it in front of either the doctor or peer tutor (usually seniors who have just graduated from IMU). I already read the manual and watched the video provided by CSSC (Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre) to prepare myself before entering the CSU session, if not, there's a high chance you'll be very 'blur' and if you less fortunate, free free kena marah dengan doctor or sister haha. 

Watching the video itself looks really painful apatah lagi if it's on a real patient. Yesterday was our first time doing the urinary catheterisation, so of course we didn't perform it on real people. We just performed all the procedures on the mannequin, basically to get the overview, guided by doctors and sisters, and become better and better as we practice more and more later. Then baru lah can perform on a real patient during clinical school. Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the commonest infection in a hospital setting, which can lead to various other diseases, and that is why we have to get really prepared before doing it on real people. 

For the first 50 mins we were being taught about the procedures of urinary catheterisation on males. Stepped into the so-called ward cubicle, saw the doctor who'd guide our group and immediately looked at Wei Bin while she instantly came to me and hugged my left arm. It was Dr L! Cuak kebebeh maynnnn. Wei Bin asked me why did I laugh. Then I told her because I was just about to tell her, what if we get Dr. L then there she was, passing by us to get something from the sister hahaha. Wei Bin was the first person to perform it. Then we took turns to do the catheterisation part (without the intro, consent and everything), but before I managed to do it, the bell rang and we had to change cubicle to learn about how to insert into female's. Dr L told my group mates to give the priority to me and another friend of mine because we didn't get the chance to perform it just now. 

My friend didn't wanna do first so nak tak nak eden kena lah pergi jang oi. I had to do everything, from the beginning to the end of the procedures, including the introduction part, where I had to introduce myself and my role, confirm it's the correct patient, procedure, purpose, and last but not least, ask for the consent to proceed. This time, a sister (nurse) guided us. A lil bit different from the previous one when the doctor taught us, yelah lain orang lain cara kan, but Alhamdulillah I managed to perform it till the end. Even though it wasn't perfect dengan 'water for injection' (to inflate the balloon when it's already in the bladder, so that the tube will stay in it) yang terpancut from the syringe and a lil bit minor incidents, which broke the rules of sterilisation (terletak forceps yang dah guna dalam sterile area -.-), nonetheless okay lah, not bad for first timer I think hehe perasan. 

CSSC gave each one of us a dressing set and a catheter to practice later weeeee. Practice on mannequin, don't worry haha. Oh and we also did the dipstick test (a test for urine content). The sister brought in a tube of urine and we had to dip a special paper strip with a few colourful-small-box into the urine, then observed the colour changes. Everything was normal, except for the high glucose level. Tbh, cam geli lah juga but then the sister told us it was actually chrysanthemum tea and one of my group mates dengan rela hati pergi bau to confirm it hahaha. 

By the way, I'm really sorry for using a few medical jargons in this post. Feel free to ask me by leaving comments in the comment box if you have anything to ask :)

Till here! Assalamualaikum. 


  1. Clap clap clap! One more step closer to dunia perubatan yang sebenar. Mak akak dulu pernah kena UTI and pakai tiub tu. Kesian tengok dia nangis sebab sakit.

    1. Haah nenek saya pun pernah kena lepastu dia cakap sakit. InshaaAllah, doakan saya eh Kak Farrah! Hehe

  2. adoi la, ngeri baca.. teringat msa operation dlu :(


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