Gara Gara Lecturer Lain Accent

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

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Too sleepy to study so I reckon maybe I should write something in this blog first hehe. I realised lately I've been posting tips and serious stuff so today kita chill je okay? Last week, on Friday, I had 2 compulsory classes. Compulsory classes are those lectures other than Medicine and have attendance. Medicine lectures are not compulsory, pelik a bit kan? Maybe because they let us choose whether to come for a lecture or not. If ada attendance for Medic lectures, hm memang ramai lah yang kena barred time exam nanti haha.

It was a lecture on the research study, yeah, we have to start doing research this year. A more serious research with a lot of journals and articles to be read *cry a river*, compare to our previous assignment, we usually only had to read 3-4 articles. 

Most of the people who attended the research lecture were not really paying attention. I was sitting at the back, trying to listen and focus while completing the name list of the new members of Malay Culture Society to be given to the Student Representative Council. The lecturer who gave us the lecture is a Vietnamese, if I'm not mistaken. Tengah khusyuk khusyuk focus sambil type on my laptop, suddenly I got a notification from my 'Melayu-Nusantara ME214' group Whatsapp. 

I opened the whatsapp. It was from M. 

"Dia cakap pasal Alia study. Alia tu sape? 

Then J replied, "Earlier."

Hahahahahaha! Tiara, Sanaa and I who sat at the back gelak terbahak bahak dalam versi cover sebab takut gelak kuat sangat kat belakang. We laughed not because the lecturer has a different accent, but because how innocent our classmate sounded hahaha. 

I can still remember there was a class with another Vietnamese lecturer. She's a really good lecturer. She's kind and she always explains one by one to make sure all of us understand, with her small giggles sometimes in between her explanations. I can't forget the word 'Lang', which she actually referred to lung haha kinda cute. We seldom asked each other whenever there's a word that we couldn't understand, because a pronunciation is really important. Yelah contoh Buerger's Disease and Berger's Disease, lain teramat maksudnya. 

Tapi jangan lah lecturer tu lain accent, hampa pi bahan habis habisan, kesian dia :( Telling it once okay lah, but if more than once I don't think it's funny. So as a conclusion, pay attention in the class as those who pay attention also can misheard, apatah lagi yang tidak. A reminder to myself haha. 


  1. bahahahah ye ye memang part ni kelakar.. in daily life pun
    ada possibility nak berdepan this situation.. kalo ttb omputih tahan tanya jalan..
    krik2 nak faham accent diorang..

    1. Kannn? Takpe Kak Siti, kalau situation camtu bajet bajet cool dulu then try faham kan kehkeh

  2. haha,same here,kiteorg pun lecturer arab kadang2 slang dia ckp english pelik2,

    1. Haha yeke? Itu lah kekadang kitorang sampai ke penghujung lecture wondering apa word tu sebenarnya lepas tu biar terkubur sbb malas nak fikir hahaha

  3. Hahahah akak pun ada experience pening2 lalat bila lecturer lain accent, pekat then cakap laju. Nak nangesss ;)


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