Amazing Muslimah Clothing Tips

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Over the past few years we can see a growing community of Muslimah fashion bloggers and hijabista in Malaysia. This has totally changed the idea of how to infuse the modern lifestyle into the core of what it means to be a modern Muslimah. Even the media used to portray Muslimah women as shrouded in pitch black robes and fully covered from head to toe, feeding the stereotype idea that modern lifestyle, fashion and the religion itself could not mix. 

However, this is when all those popular Muslimah fashion blogs prove them wrong with huge impact on the internet like no one has ever seen before. In fact, it is not that difficult to mix them all and dress fashionably like the others – but of course you must adhere to the basic guidelines of how to dress modestly like a true Muslim woman. There are so many ways to adopt a little creativity without even to have crossed the line. You just need to know there are plenty of amazing Muslimah clothing tips that are easy to follow and do not cost much either! 

Do not be afraid to experiment when you are at it. Play with your imagination to have the best looking fresher than ever. Put on some accessories to make yourself look more stunning and outstanding. Yes, you might stumble on one of the biggest problems every Muslim woman faces, which is finding a stunning dress or garments that appropriate because some of them either are too short or too revealing. The best way to beat this problem is by layering and putting longer garments underneath like a sweater or cardigan.

Wondering how you can find a good dress which may captivate everyone, causing their eyes drop on the floor because you're too good to be looked at? Better to have too many choices than none at all, right? Here's where you can find them.

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Have a nice day everyone :)


  1. Looking for boot from Zalora!

  2. Pilihan kat Zalora memang boleh buat rambang mata :)

  3. Tak pernah berurusan lagi dengan Zalora but would like to try it ngee ~

  4. tpi harga yg xboleh thn tu.. lgipun dh terbiasa utk test dlu ye x.. tmbah2 ukiran bentuk gitar yg xbrap nak stabil :P


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