Book Review: Anna And The French Kiss

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabakaratuh. 

Today can never be any better and it turned out everything ran smoothly so far, Alhamdulillah. I showed up for every classes, though I was thinking of not attending the last class (Medic lectures are not compulsory in IMU), because first, I hadn’t printed out the notes yet, and second, I could barely interpret and digest what the lecturer taught during the previous class in the morning. Thinking of having lunch with Tiara during the 2-hour-gap, but changed our intention last minute as I had a meeting with my MPU group mates for our video assignment and Tiara had some errands, so she had to leave the campus early. For the video assignment, we had to record some scenes based on the title we had chosen; Eating Disorders and Anxiety. Though the video is far from perfect, but it isn’t that bad for a first timer who just met each other without an ice breaking session plus the fact that we did everything spontaneously, yes, there was no script for us to memorise our lines. 

Anyway, I finished reading Anna and The French Kiss weeeee. It took me only 2 days to read it during weekdays, which means I tried my best to find some time because in the morning, usually I'd spend my time studying and revising. 

Here comes the book covers, Anna's gang drawing and review.

From left; Rashmi, Josh, Anna, St. Clair, Meredith

It's a romance fiction novel where this guy and girl fell for each other with many obstacles happened but got together at the end. As cliché as it might sound, with a hopeless romantic couple (but the guy apparently wasn't as arrogant and snobbish as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice) and a happy ending, which was totally opposite to how The Fault In Our Stars ends, where the girl had to move on after her boyfriend died, but this book captured my heart, made me couldn't stop reading and smiling for no reason in the class when the head of Dental Programme was teaching about dental hygiene and eventually made me looked crazy -.-

From the first page I read, I knew I was gonna love this book as Stephanie Perkins' choice of words and the way she described everything were undeniably perfect. The details made me felt like I was there with them the whole time. I could imagine how charming St Clair looked like, with his big brown eyes, curls hair, sweet smile, how fascinating to stand on the stone engraved with 'Point Zero Des Routes De France', how scrumptious the cakes and macaroons in the cake shop near their college and it makes me longing for Paris more. Not that I've been there, but because Paris is one of the places in my after-marriage-bucket-list. A romantic place for honeymoon, a happy married couple, take photos under the Eiffel Tower, have a visit to Notre-Dame, hahaha so cliche I know.

I don't really fancy on the part where St Clair didn't break up with Ellie earlier than that, but maybe it's true, he was confused and desperate to have someone with him. The way he stared and protected Anna ahh I'm sure all girls who read this book will wish they were Anna who's gonna meet St Clair haha. I really like the part where Anna told him that she was really glad she had someone to talk to and St Clair replied "Does that mean I can call you?" awwww it reminds me of someone though, haha alright I'm not gonna spoil the book, don't worry.

This book also indirectly tells us that being rich and handsome/pretty doesn't mean you'll be happy all the times and only own nil problem in this world. There are ups and downs and that what make a life is a life. I also found something which I think really suits with our lives nowadays; 'Every time a choice is made between one meaning of a word or another, the translator determines which one to use based on what he believes is correct, based on his own personal history with the subject' which means, how we look at someone and think what they might think of us are not always right. Maybe it's the other way round, but then we unconsciously decide it that way with our own preferences based on our past with that particular person.

'Anna and The French Kiss' is worth the money and time. So, go to the nearest bookstore, get the novel and trust me, you're gonna fall in love with St Clair and wish you would meet someone like him haha!

Now, I'm moving on to another book entitled 'Isla and The Happily Ever After' by Stephanie Perkins also. I downloaded the book and acknowledged the title before reading 'Anna and The French Kiss' and there's a part in 'Anna and The French Kiss' where a girl named Isla tried to help her in an incident and I was like "No way......" I immediately flipped the 'Isla and The Happily Ever After' ibook.

I was right.

... will be continued with the next review.



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