A Trip To The Dialysis Centre

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Currently we are studying Renal System so everything is about the kidney, how the body maintains the constituent minerals and water in our body and stuff like that. For this system, we'd been divided into a few groups for a visit to the dialysis centre. 

My group, which consists of 7 people went to the dialysis centre in Kampung Pandan this morning. Finally.. I felt excited as I could meet real patients again. We went there by a van which was provided by IMU. We arrived there around 8.15am and at 8.40am, the nurse/sister who works in the centre gave us a briefing about how they process the clean water, how the 'fake kidney' functions, steps to make sure their patients get the right amount of nutrients and minerals in the body, etc. 

My group has 2 international students so it was quite hard for them to understand as the nurse spoke in Malay. I pity for them, but there was nothing we could do as the nurse told us she had to be quick so it's easier for her to talk in Malay. But later, we made a circle, discussed back what we learned and explained to my international student friends from A to Z so that they won't miss any important points. 

Basically, those who have to undergo dialysis are at the end stage of kidney failure. Usually for young patients who don't have chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problem and so on, they would try their best to find a donor, from their family or friends, so that they can have a liver transplant, as to have dialysis 3 times a week makes their lives difficult as they can't go to work and have a job. Some of the alternatives made by the National Kidney Foundation-- they offer teaching them to cook, sew, etc, to increase their soft skills and might help them in having side income. 

Thought of interviewing the patients, taking some history, but then most of them were sleeping so we decided to call the van uncle and went back to IMU. 

Nothing much happened, but t'was a great overview of how the dialysis centre works. 


  1. akak pun think sleeping is the best option while doing dialysis..
    its tiring and memang nyenyak la tidur..


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