White Lab Coat

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Planning to jog every evening, starting from this week, but recently, the weather has been quite bad, especially around 5-7pm, preventing me from going outside of the building. If I were still in IMU by the time the rain falls heavily, I have to stay at school and wait until the rain stops pouring, at least until drizzle is left. 

I have 2 lab coats; the short sleeved is for clinical, which is used at least once every week while the long sleeved one is worn when we're in the lab. I took a great care after my (old) short sleeved lab coat because first, this is the only short sleeved I have and I was looking forward to use it for a couple more years and second, I love my lab coat looks neat and clean (though the colour isn't white as new anymore), especially when meeting outsiders, including nurses and real patients during hospital or clinic visits. I washed it every time after using and ensured myself to iron it before using, but, yeah.. malang tidak berbau.

I put it in the washing machine with some 'Attack' detergent, switched on the plug, let the machine do its work for about one hour, but I forgot to take it out. My housemate, Kak Nas was the one who took it out for me. I asked Kak Nas for it, then Kak Nas told me, when she took out the lab coat from the washing machine, there were a few patches of coffee-like stains on my lab coat. Kak Nas had already tried her best to remove the stubborn stain, but some of them were still there. I was touched. Yes, even though it's my lab coat, not hers, but she helped me to brush the lab coat after she saw it. My housemates are really kind and concerned, hard to find people like them.

Looks 'yellow' and ada stain wuaaaa. Banyak lagi tempat lain :'(

Back to the story, I was kinda disheartened and frustrated (haha over), so the next day I told Tiara about this matter and she mentioned to me about the pre-order of this lab coat, which the steps have been stated in our IMU e-Learning website at the right side bar. I filled in the details needed and sent the email.

Today I left my Vista home to go to IMU around 12, even though I had only one class, which was at 4.15pm. I rarely log into my student email account, and just checked my email yesterday. I was supposed to collect my lab coat on Friday, so I immediately informed the person who's in-charged and asked her whether I can pick it up today or not, and she allowed me to do so. I paid at the Finance Department, the so called 'Cashier' and instantly stepped into CSU with Tiara to collect my lab coat. The sister who I met looks garang, but actually she's nice! Haha. Maybe it's the job that needs her to look garang. Yelah, kalau muka baik karang, budak budak ni mengada sangat, ye tak? Hehe

Oh another story about lab coat.

I saw some of my friends who just entered the clinical year had their White Coat Ceremony. I always wonder why they have this ceremony when they're in the clinical year, because mine was done during the first day of our life as a medical student, right after registration, so I asked Audi about the significance of this ceremony. She told me the ceremony is like a recognition that you're already able to treat a patient. All this while I had no idea what exactly is the White Coat Ceremony about. I thought the ceremony was held because we just got our white lab coat and it was like an indication that we are medical students now hahaha so ignorant, innocent and noob. Maybe because we start our clinical together with theory, that's why ours is on the first day of school, err I reckon so. Ke sebab IMU malas nak fikir untuk akan datang. Or maybe akan datang ada lagi. I don't know.

Anyway, now I know haha.

P/s: If anyone knows how to remove the stain and make it looks white back, do tell me. Thank you :)


  1. mira pun ada labcoat kesayangan,memang jaga gila2 labcoat tu ;D

    1. Haha kannn? Yelah nak pakai selalu kan kenalah jaga elok elok :)

  2. Stain tu sebab air kotor ye? Kalau akak, akak clorox kan je. Tak pun you can try cuka putih dgn baking soda. Dab sikit cuka (campur dgn air, nisbah biar sama) dan sprinkle sedikit baking soda atas tu. Mana tau boleh hilang :)

    1. Haah rasanya sebab air kotor :( Ohhh haah kan clorox. Okay kalau tak berkesan clorox nanti saya try yang cuka dengan baking soda tu. Thank you Kak Farrah! :D

  3. out of the question, agak2 baju putih tu boleh letak nila x? errrr...

  4. lab coat sy dulu pn sy jaga elok2 tapi sbb selalu massuk lab, dh kotor teruk.nk beli baru sayang sbb nak guna lab coat palam je😂😂btw, sy satu kos dgn adik awk tu.tapi sy tua setahun.selalu jgk nampak die dkt umt nak jegur die cakap hiii adik dylla.masa first time tahun tu adik awk rasa excited sangat sbb nak tegur die tapi maluuu🙈


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